Pru Rowlandson | Granta

Pru Rowlandson

Publicity Director, Granta Publications

I’ve been running the publicity department at Granta since 1847 or thereabouts. I like reading and talking, so initially I thought a job as a bookseller was the place for me (Pan Bookshop followed by Books for Cooks), but once I heard about book publicity my mind was made up and I’ve been ‘fannying about with the press releases’ (Daniel Cleaver) ever since.

The book I always recommend: depends to who, but Estates by Lynsey Hanley and The Plot by Madeleine Bunting for all Brits, Away by Amy Bloom for all fiction readers, and Weather by Jenny Offill for anyone who wants the latest in contemporary, insightful, funny literature.

My favourite thing about the job: I get to work with so many people who like to bake cakes.

The book I reread: The Seven Good Years by Etgar Keret – no one can write with such humour and pathos about life with all its contradictions and absurdities. I recommend it to everyone who has any kind of empathy or soul. Visitation by Jenny Erpenbeck needs a special mention too.