Noel Murphy | Granta

Noel Murphy

Commercial Director, Granta Publications

I’m responsible for our commercial strategy and how we create a sustainable business through publishing our books. This involves enabling the campaigns team here to effectively tell the story of our stories to readers and working closely with our partners, Faber & Faber, in reaching our trade customers around the world. We publish our books because we believe in them, and hope you will buy them for the same reason. The book I always recommend: I’ve been working in books since 1991, when I started at Waterstones in Stratford-upon-Avon. They say that once you start recommending books professionally it’s very hard to stop and so it has proved for me. There are so many great books on the Granta list it feels an invidious task to choose one, but if I must then I think it would have to be Blake Morrison’s And When Did You Last See Your Father? It made me think differently about so many things and resonates with me even now.