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  • Published: 07/05/2020
  • ISBN: 9781783784431
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  • 304 pages


Edoardo Albert, Paul Gething

Warrior tells the story of forgotten man, a man whose bones were found in an Anglo-Saxon graveyard at Bamburgh castle in Northumberland. It is the story of a violent time when Britain was defining itself in waves of religious fervour, scattered tribal expansion and terrible bloodshed; it is the story of the fighting class, men apart, defined in life and death by their experiences on the killing field; it is an intricate and riveting narrative of survival and adaptation set in the stunning political and physical landscapes of medieval England.
Warrior is a classic of British history, a landmark of popular archaeology, and a must-read for anyone interested in the story of where we’ve come from.

Imaginatively constructed within a story of love and hate, war and peace, Christianity and paganism, scientific insights and intuitive guesswork, the authors paint a vivid picture of the wider world surrounding northern England some thirteen hundred years ago

Ian Ralston, Abercromby Professor of Archaeology, Edinburgh University, The Archaeology of Britain

It is said that the dead cannot speak: Albert and Gething prove that wrong in this masterly tale of investigation, heroism and discovery that follows from the discovery of the bones of one man near the coast of Northumbria. With the aid of meticulous research and the latest scientific and archaeological advances this book brings together flawed archaeologists, traitorous kings and political saints into one accessible tale. Albert and Gething are a great team, throwing a startling new light on the so-called Dark Ages. A triumphant exploration of a time when the future of the British Isles was at stake

Justin Hill

Enthralling... riveting, brilliantly written

Editor's Choice, Bookseller

The Author

Edoardo Albert is a writer from London.

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The Author

Paul Gething is the lead archaeologist at the renowned Bamburgh castle dig.

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