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  • Published: 07/07/2016
  • ISBN: 9781783780983
  • 130x20mm
  • 448 pages

The Planet Remade

Oliver Morton

The risks of global warming are real, and potentially vast. The difficulty of doing without fossil fuels is daunting, and possibly insurmountable. So there is an urgent need for new thinking on climate change. To meet that need, a small but increasingly influential group of scientists is exploring proposals for planned human intervention in the climate system. A stratospheric veil against the sun; the cultivation of photosynthetic plankton; a fleet of unmanned ships seeding clouds: these are the radical technologies of climate geoengineering. It is chilling to think of such power, and such scope for misadventure or malice, in humans hands. And yet we are now at the point where we have no choice but to take them very seriously indeed.

The Planet Remade explores the science, history and politics behind these strategies. It looks at who might want to see geoengineering put to use – and why others would be dead set against it. In the last two centuries, changes to the planet – to the clouds and soils, to the winds and the seas, to the great cycles of nitrogen and carbon – have been far more profound than most of us realize. Appreciating the scale of that change compels us to rethink not just our responses to global warming, but our relationship to nature. With sensitivity, insight and expert science, Oliver Morton unpicks the moral implications of climate change, our fear that people have become a force of nature, and what it might mean to try and use that force for good. The Planet Remade is about imagining a world where people take care instead of taking control.

Oliver Morton displays here again the usual virtues of his writing, which include a sparkling clarity maintained even when conveying huge complex masses of information, often about topics new to all of us; and then, even more importantly, good judgment... All these abilities are now devoted to perhaps the crucial question of our time, the climate, making this simply a Necessary Book, which is also a pleasure to read... an excellent way to get oriented to our most pressing environmental problem, and I urge people to read it and ponder its news

Kim Stanley Robinson

One of the most important and provocative books I've read in years. The Planet Remade is essential for policy makers, environmentalists, skeptics and anyone else who prefers their views on climate change to be based on evidence, rather than rhetoric

Hari Kunzru

Morton delivers complex information in an easy, conversational style that is a pleasure to follow... engaging

Robert Mayhew, Literary Review

The Author

Oliver Morton is Environment Editor of the Economist, having formerly been Chief News Editor of Nature and Editor-in-Chief of Wired. He is the author of Mapping Mars: Science, Imagination, and the Birth of a World and Eating the Sun: How Light Powers the Planet and has written for many publications, including Nature, the Independent, National Geographic, the New Yorker, Newsweek, Prospect, and Wired. Asteroid 10716 Olivermorton is named for him.

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