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  • Published: 07/09/2009
  • ISBN: 9781847081223
  • 120x20mm
  • 176 pages

The Little Book Of The Sea

Lorenz Schröter

Translated by Alan J. Bance

Have you ever wondered how many servings of fish and chips are sold in the UK every year? Why women, on average, catch bigger fish than men? Or what the last meal served onboard the Titanic consisted of? If so, enjoy this second helping of The Little Book of the Sea series, which gathers together facts, figures, lore and trivia about all things edible from the sea. From recipes gathered from around the world, to instructions for eating pufferfish (the world’s deadliest delicacy), to the official explanation of how Popeye the Sailor discovered the strength-enhancing capabilities of spinach, The Little Book of the Sea: Food and Drink contains a smorgasbord of useful, useless and altogether intriguing information. So tie on a bib and pull up a chair – we’re serving up a feast of delicious details about the ocean’s greatest bounty: seafood!

The Author

Lorenz Schroter was born in 1960. He is a travel journalist and the author of several books, including Skylarks and Scuttlebutts. He spent two years cycling round the world, and then lived for three years on a tiny car-free island off Hong Kong. He has visited over a hundred countries and currently lives in Berlin.

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