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Sarah Moss Backlist Bundle

*Only available within the UK*

Discover Sarah Moss’s fiction backlist, beautifully reissued, and save a third. The bundle includes:

Cold Earth
On the west coast of Greenland, a team of archaeologists searching for traces of lost Viking settlements receives news of a pandemic back home. As the Arctic winter approaches, their communications with the outside world fall away and they are left fighting for survival.

Night Waking
Anna hasn’t slept in months. Stranded on a Hebridean island with two small children, she struggles to write or think without a room of her own. When her son finds a baby’s skeleton buried in the garden, Anna must confront the island’s troubled past, while finding a way to live with the complex demands of motherhood.

Bodies of Light
Sisters Ally and May Moberley grow up in Victorian Manchester, surrounded by their father’s decadent paintings and dominated by their austere, evangelical mother. While May poses for the artists in her father’s circle, Ally devotes herself to her mother’s ambitions, working hard to join the first generation of female doctors. But soon bitterness and tragedy divide the family, and Ally leaves home to escape the subtle terrors of her childhood and begin a new life in London.

Signs for Lost Children
In this companion novel to Bodies of Light, Ally’s husband Tom leaves, only weeks into their marriage, to build lighthouses in Japan. Ally, one of Britain’s first female doctors, takes work at an asylum in Truro. With only letters sent across the ocean to sustain them, and with Ally now battling her old demons alone, will their marriage survive?

The Tidal Zone
On a day like any other, Adam receives a call from his daughter’s school. Miriam, his brilliant fifteen-year-old, has collapsed and stopped breathing; her heart has inexplicably stopped.

Ghost Wall
Seventeen-year-old Silvie is camping in rural Northumberland with her father and a group of archaeologists, who hope to uncover evidence of human sacrifice. As Silvie glimpses new freedoms with the students, her relationship with her overbearing father deteriorates, until the haunting rites of the past begin to bleed into the present.