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  • Published: 02/05/2013
  • ISBN: 9781847084866
  • 129x20mm
  • 384 pages

Otter Country

Miriam Darlington

Over the course of a year, Miriam Darlington travelled around Britain in search of wild otters; from her home in Devon to the wilds of Scotland; to Cumbria, Wales, Northumberland, Cornwall, Somerset and the River Lea; to her childhood home near the Ouse, the source of her watery obsession.
Otter Country follows Darlington’s search through different landscapes, seasons, weather and light, as she tracks one of Britain’s most elusive animals. During her journey, she meets otter experts, representatives of the Environment Agency, conservationists, ecologists, walkers, Henry Williamson’s family, Gavin Maxwell’s heir; zoo keepers, fishermen, scientists, hunters and poets. Above all she learns how to track and be around otters, and that the stillness required to actually see this shy animal can bring many unasked-for wonders.
Written in mesmerising prose, Otter Country establishes Darlington as a prominent voice in the new generation of British nature writers.

A beautiful book full of sensuous lyricism [and] an important contribution to British writing on otters, a tradition in which this country is especially rich

Mark Cocker, author, Crow Country

Otters are one of British conservation's new success stories, and this wonderful book is their anthem. The strong clear writing, fascinating research and warm personal voice make it a lovesong not only to otters but to Britain

Ruth Padel, author, Tigers in Red Weather

A diary of utter devotion where landscape is interpreted as otter-text, its messages elusive but traced with deep sensitivity

Jay Griffiths, author, Wild: An Elemental Journey

The Author

Miriam Darlington was born in Lewes, Sussex. A prize- winning poet, she taught French and English for twelve years, before becoming a full-time writer in 2007. Her poetry collection Windfall was published in 2008. She lives in Devon with two children, one dog, two cats, four chickens and one husband.

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