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  • Published: 06/06/2019
  • ISBN: 9781783785261
  • 132x20mm
  • pages


J.Robert Lennon

A blackly comic epic – a voyage through small-town America, and through the interior life of its most neurotic mailman. Albert Lippincott is a thirty-year veteran of the Nestor, New York, Post Office – a letter carrier extraordinaire, aggressively cheerful, obsessively efficient. But Albert has a few things to hide. His unfortunate habit, for instance, of reading other people’s mail; his abortive university career, complete with a crackpot theory, a nervous breakdown and a thwarted attempt to bite out his professor’s eye; a disastrous marriage, grotesquely self-absorbed parents and a sexually ambiguous entanglement with his melodramatic sister. And then there’s his attempt to reform the postal system of Kazakhstan and his complicated relationship with his cats. And now his supervisors are on to his letter-opening compulsion, there’s a throbbing pain under his left arm and he is finding it increasingly difficult to contain his emotions. Things are closing in on Albert, and he is forced to confront, once and for all, his life’s failures. Albert Lippincott is a brilliant creation: flawed, damaged, but fiercely perceptive, and desperate to make meaning out of the mess of existence. He, and Lennon, hold us captive with a wild narrative voice fuelled by desperation and touched by madness.

Hysterically funny. . . dark, dank and disturbing


In this madcap, clammy novel of misanthropy and misfortune - with its themes of failure, competition and (mis)communication - I felt I had found "the one"... vivacious, weird, morally challenging and all the better for it

New Humanist

The Author

J. Robert Lennon was born in 1970 and lives in New York State. He is the author of Mailman, The Light of Falling Stars, The Funnies and On the Night Plain, all available from Granta Books.

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