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  • Published: 08/06/2006
  • ISBN: 9781846270055
  • 127x20mm
  • 320 pages

Half Gone

Jeremy Leggett

Here is the book that exposes the true status of the world’s energy supplies, revealing both the scale of the disaster looming over our planet, and the action each and every one of us must take – right now – if we are to stand a chance of averting it. No previous book on the oil trade has had such unprecedented access to the boardrooms of the mightiest oil companies, or such insider knowledge of geology and engineering. And none has made such a persuasive and inspiringcall for immediate individual action.

Half Gone makes for startling reading. His arguments are so powerfully and passionately drawn that his statements begin to seem obvious. Leggett is not a Cassandra, but a scientist with decades of experience and an agenda for a future that, one hopes, will begin a debate about how to end the global energy crisis which is almost upon us. This is a compelling must-read book for politicians, pundits and punters alike.


A fast-moving, easily readable polemic whose unashamed populism does not obscure the weight of its argument.

Sunday Times

It's really excellent. Personal and passionate, but strong on the science and eminently reasonable. Certainly the best account of the Peak Oil debate that I have come across so far, and I really hope that it is having the impact on key people that it deserves.

Jonathon Porritt

The Author

Jeremy Leggett taught earth sciences at Imperial College London, and worked as a new-oilfields consultant for Shell, before in 1989 joining Greenpeace as Chief Scientist. He is now CEO of Solarcentury, the UK’s leading solar energy company, a member of the UK government’s Renewables Advisory Board, and director of the world’s first investment fund in renewable energy. He is also the author of The Carbon War, a regular blogger for the Guardian and a columnist in Sublime.

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