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  • Published: 05/07/2012
  • ISBN: 9781847083272
  • 130x20mm
  • 320 pages

All Made Up

Janice Galloway

In the second volume of her memoirs, the prize-winning author Janice Galloway reveals how the child introduced in This is Not About Me evolved through her teenage years.

When she started secondary school, Galloway was still sharing a bed with her mother and was more excited by Latin and school orchestra than by boys. But as she struggled with the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, almost everything she thought she knew began to change. Combining visceral descriptions of puberty, sex and school-room politics with the story of a family’s secrets, Galloway casts her gaze on the morals and ambitions of one small town, in writing that is personal, defiant and eloquent.

All Made Up is an excellent sequel; its verbal playfulness, folksiness and wry, hard-won humour are an antidote to the neurosis and cynicism that can often characterise autobiographical writing by the authors of fiction

Victoria Beale, Independent on Sunday

Warm, vivid, true

Erica Wagner, The Times

Galloway remains a brilliant writer, capturing mood and character, time and place, with seeming effortlessness

Ian Rankin, Guardian

The Author

Janice Galloway is a prize-winning author of three novels, The Trick is to Keep Breathing, winner of the MIND Book of the Year Award; Foreign Parts, winner of the McVitie’s Prize, and Clara, winner of the E.M. Forster Award, the Creative Scotland Award, and the Saltire Book of the Year Award. She is also the author of two memoirs This is Not About Me, winner of the SMIT Non-Fiction Book of the Year, and All Made Up; and of two previous collections of short stories. She has written and presented three radio series for BBC Scotland and works extensively with musicians and visual artists. She lives and works in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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