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Will Buckingham

Will Buckingham is a wandering academic with a PHD in a philosophy and an MA in anthropology, who splits his time between Burma and Britain. He has previously published several books including fiction, philosophy and children’s books.

Coming soon - July 2021

Hello, Stranger

Will Buckingham

When Will Buckingham’s partner of many years passed away, he opened up his house to strangers and found a path through his grief. By welcoming the unfamiliar, and caring for the needs of those he did not know, Will found himself immersed in a long and rich tradition of hosting and helping strangers.

As the loneliness epidemic spirals out of control, and as the migration crisis continues, might we be able to draw on this tradition of welcoming strangers to solve the problems of our time? Charting the history of the stranger from ancient societies to modern borders, anthropologist and philosopher Will Buckingham considers the value that strangers might bring to our lives.

Journeying from gifts to feasts, guests to hostages, departures, ghosts, animals and the complications of money, Hello, Stranger, invites us to open up the door, and let the world in.