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Rudiger Safranski

Rudiger Safranski is one of the world’s leading Nietzsche scholars. He has written two previous biographies, of Hiedegger and Schopenhauer, which both received outstanding reviews from journalists and philosophers alike.



Rudiger Safranski

Translated by Shelley Frisch

Nietzsche is one of the most controversial philosophers of the modern age. His writings signalled a major turn in the history of Western philosophy and his influence is so profound that today not even the casual reader can ignore his life and ideas. In this book, Safranski positions the details of Nietzsche’s unhappy life within the context of his thought. He talks about Nietzsche’s boyhood obsession with music, his time in the army, his friendship with Wagner and his unrequited love for Lou Andreas Salome, quoting diaries, letters and discarded writings, each of which reveal a different side of this enigmatic figure.