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Lars Husum

Born in West Jutland, Denmark in 1974, Lars Husum has written for the screen, directed films, and this is his first book.


My Friend Jesus Christ

Lars Husum

Translated by Mette Petersen

Having lost his parents at an early age, Niko has always looked to his older sister for protection. So when she starts wanting a life of her own, Niko tries everything he can think of to keep her attention, taking ever greater risks with his life and the lives of others until the day it ends in a tragedy. On returning to his flat after the grim event, Niko finds an uninvited biker sitting on his sofa. Big, bearded, and boldy asserting that he is Jesus, the biker gently but firmly advises Niko to clean up his act.And Niko does what he’s told, with surprising consequences…