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Glen Neath

Glen Neath was born in Yorkshire and is a leading experimental playwright, whose works have been staged on four continents. His novels are The Outgoing Man and The Fat Plan.


The Outgoing Man

Glen Neath

Glen Neath’s writings holds echoes of that of Magnus Mills, Franz Kafka and Paul Auster. His debut novel, The Outgoing Man, a disarming, unsettling fable of unspecified threat and comic unease, featuring an Outgoing Man briefing an Incoming Man at his point of entry into a murky organization, has all the freshness and pop of the genuinely original, and is largely beyond paraphrase. Its characters inhabit a place rich in the usual office rivalries, romances and resentments, but never can the reader be sure exactly what it is that the organization organizes or produces … It is a dark, itchy and, now and then, laugh-out-loud funny tale.