Yukiko Motoya | Podcast

Yukiko Motoya & Asa Yoneda

Yukiko Motoya is a novelist, playwright and stage director. She leads her own theatre company, Gekidan Motoya Yukiko, which she founded in 2000. Her story collection Arashi no pikunikku (The Devil’s Picnic) was awarded the Kenzaburō Ōe Prize in 2013.

Here, she talks to Elmer Luke about her short story for Granta 127: Japan, finding freedom in writing and happy endings, with interpretation by Asa Yoneda.

‘I’d get convinced that I had to write about really big, serious, important issues. So in order to get beyond that stage where I was really feeling the pressure of the feeling of wanting to write, I spent maybe one or two months just writing down everything that came to mind – little snippets – until there was nothing more to come out of me. I think actually it took about three months to get to that stage. And then what came out after that – once I had no more words flowing out of me – is what turned into these stories.’


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