This is my outfit.
Government spooks did the rest. Didn’t you know?
Not really. No one is in a hairier place,
my flat mountain.

I’m going to have dinner some night on the ropes.

Bottom line, no one was killed.
That way you retain ownership.
Droopy night brought on by the
old gray mold makers. It was quite . . . unexpected.
That’s why I think it’s so important
the way squat noses learn, and fast.

Okey doke, I’ll tell you in maple shade.
Fast forward to the beginning of your Christmas present.
I have to turn this down,
to clean his pipes,
or clock, whatever.

That’s a healing dressing
how many years late—
the continuous way to do it. Sorry. My dizzy.
Pulled pork sliders clogged the glee gate.

No one was killed.

Having a nightgown
under the armpits, darling? Dirt and dare
can be forgiven eyeballing the toiletry lottery
whose torque proclaims it other.


Photograph © Missy Corley

The Gentlest Village
Life and Breasts