Granta 119: Britain

Spring 2012

Broken Britain? This issue of Granta is a celebration of the nation’s past and present, its people, its land – and the deep connections between them. The stories, poems and memoirs in this collection show the delicate human interactions within the sometimes brutal context of historical and contemporary Britain. There is no other place like it.

Online Edition

Granta China | Interview

Various Contributors

Florence Boyd | Interview

Florence Boyd & Ted Hodgkinson

Olympic Drift: making way for the Games

Laura Oldfield Ford

The Self-Illuminated

Don Paterson

I Read Granta

Sam Byers | Podcast

Sam Byers & Ted Hodgkinson

Dear Peter

Simon Armitage & Ted Hughes

Poetry Parnassus

Various Contributors

How Long is the Coast of Britain?

Jynne Martin

Léonie Hampton | Interview

Léonie Hampton & Yuka Igarashi


Tessa Hadley

Waterloo East

Lorraine Mariner

Rachel Seiffert | Podcast

Rachel Seiffert & Yuka Igarashi


Carys Davies

Home: Peckham

Evie Wyld

Two Girls in a Boat

Emma Martin

Emma Martin | Interview

Emma Martin

The Ghost Marriage

Andrea Mullaney

Andrea Mullaney | Interview

Andrea Mullaney

A Walk Through Manchester

Michael Symmons Roberts

Ian Teh | Interview

Ian Teh & Ted Hodgkinson

The Deadman’s Pedal

Alan Warner

Look East, Look to the Future

Tash Aw

Tania James | Interview

Tania James & Saskia Vogel

Dog Days

James Lasdun

Fragments of a Nation

Nadifa Mohamed

Scarp | New Voices

Nick Papadimitriou

Mark Haddon | Podcast

Mark Haddon

Two Poems

Kaddy Benyon

Two Poems

Sean Borodale

Poetry in Britain

Gillian Clarke

John Saturnall’s Feast

Lawrence Norfolk

Sean Borodale | Podcast

Sean Borodale & Ted Hodgkinson

The Magic Place

Kapka Kassabova

Cynan Jones | Podcast

Cynan Jones & Ted Hodgkinson

Halcyon Song

Justin Coombes

Downton Delirium

Francine Prose


Jamie McKendrick

That Whole London Thing

A.L. Kennedy

Dividing the Kingdom

Pico Iyer


Huang Canran

Shen Congwen: A Letter

Alice Xin Liu & Shen Congwen

Flying Towards a Country of Rain

Wang Yin

Dutch Landscapes

Mishka Henner

The Reader and Technology

Toby Litt

The Day Etta Died

John Burnside

The Slight Difference Between Leaving and Running Away

Andrés Neuman

A Gentle Madness

Humera Afridi


Caspar Henderson

Big Blue Bus

Etgar Keret

Catherine Chung | Interview

Catherine Chung & Patrick Ryan

Dad’s the Word

Soumya Bhattacharya

Self-Portrait as Amnesiac

John Burnside