Granta 116: Ten Years Later - Granta Magazine

Granta 116: Ten Years Later

Summer 2011

A street vendor in Tunisia, an American marine going home and a signals operator on a North Korean fishing trawler. From the battlefields of Afganistan to the streets of Mogadishu and Toronto, these are just a few of the stories in the issue of Granta that conjure the complexity and sorrow of life since 11 September 2001.

Online Edition

Anthony Shadid | Interview

Anthony Shadid & Ted Hodgkinson

Not Easy to Tell

Patrick Ryan

Novel Terrors

Yuka Igarashi

You Want Gunfire With That?

Dan Hind

Undoing the folded lie: Poetry after 9/11

Rachael Allen

Nadia Shira Cohen | Interview

Nadia Shira Cohen & Michael Salu

The Heartland: Ten Years After 9/11

Frank Bill

Jongwe, the cockerel of liberation

Kevin Bloom

Amir’s Iraq

Marie-Hélène Carleton & Micah Garen

I had wondered about the signs of burning

John Kinsella

Two Minutes Too Long

Urvashi Butalia

The Ghost Children of the North

Bina Shah

Double Vision: The ‘Other’ Twin Towers

Christopher Merrill

The Art of Moving On

David Ulin

A Spell For Going Safely Forth By Day

Jynne Martin

War’s Body

Rikki Ducornet

The Trouble with the Horses

Patrick deWitt

Unplanned Road Trip

David Guterson

To Stand in the Shadow

Samantha Smith

War and Peace on the Big Sandy River

Dean H. King

The Other 9/11

Ariel Dorfman

Somalia Then and Now

Mary Harper

Of Moustaches and Megalomaniacs

Alia Malek

Today is a Sunny Day

Porochista Khakpour

The Politics of Grief

V. V. Ganeshananthan


Wayne Miller

1911, The Other Revolution

Isabel Hilton


Susan Power

The Death of His Excellency, The Ex-Minister

Nawal El Saadawi


Phil Klay

Memory and Invention

Mavis Gallant


Jill Osier

The Blazing Light in August

Gabriel Gbadamosi

The Burden of Light

Jessica Thummel

Resist: A Letter from Greece

Natalie Bakopoulos

The Golden Goat to Communist Ratio

Miroslav Penkov


Yana Punkina

Two Poems

Ivan Landzhev

Returning to the Hague

Georgi Tenev

The Gadulka is Burning

Rayko Baychev


A.L. Kennedy

A Norwegian Nightmare

Alf Kjetil Walgermo

Black Bazaar

Alain Mabanckou