Caroline Criado-Perez is a journalist, activist and the author of the recently published Do It Like A Woman. She shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.


1. Tove Lo
It should come as no surprise that a protégé of legendary pop producer Max Martin should produce an album that I can’t seem to turn off or stop myself dancing to, but it still takes me by surprise how much I love every track on Queen of the Clouds.

2. The Mispronounced Item
The podcast to end all podcasts. It’s like husband and wife team Sarah and Nathan Ditum set out to produce a show exactly tailored to my tastes: politics, culture, writing, language – and I spend much of the podcast laughing. Perfect.

3. Sense8
Mainly for the awesome fight sequences by Doona Bae, who plays Sun Back, a South Korean businesswoman and kick-ass martial arts fighter. It’s also the most diverse show I’ve ever seen – and best of all, the diversity isn’t made an issue of. It just is. Kind of like humanity. That doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have its ponderous cringe-worthy moments, in particular the whole of episode nine, but overall, highly-recommended fun.

4. Diana Athill
I’m reading her memoirs at the moment and I just can’t get over how brilliant she is at capturing scenes, moments, emotions, encounters. I’m more of a fiction reader usually, but Athill is absolutely compelling – I wish I’d read her as a teenager. I could have done with knowing such women existed.

5. Le Tigre
It’s never not the time for shouty dancey feminist electro rock.


Cover image  © Patricia M, Casino Tigre, 2007

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