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Frequently Asked Questions About the Granta App


Q. Is Granta magazine available on mobile and tablet devices?

A. Yes. You can access our website directly, or download our app, designed specifically for the smartphone and tablet experience – read free weekly content, or log in to download the full issues to read anytime, anywhere via the App Store and Google Play.


Q. How does the Granta app work?

There are three sections to the app:

• The Weekly features free online-only content from our website.

• The Library allows you to access the entire print archive from the last thirty years, with a digital subscription.

• Ex Libris is where you can quickly access and read content you’ve bookmarked from the Library and the Weekly to read, offline.

Once you have downloaded the issues and online-only material, the app is designed to allow you to read offline. However, some features require an Internet connection, and a high bandwidth (Wi-Fi) is preferable.


Q. How do I access the table of contents of an issue?

A. Swipe right when reading any of the pieces in the Library to bring up the table of contents.


Q. Do I need a subscription to access Granta’s app?

A. No. You can access free weekly content without a subscription.

The Library, which contains our entire print archive, can only be accessed by subscribers. You can take out a digital subscription on an annual basis here.


Q. How do I download the Granta magazine app?

Search for Granta on the App Store on your Apple device, or Google Play on Android.


Q. Can I share from within the magazine app?

A. Yes, you can share any story from the app. Please note that items in the Library may only be visible to other subscribers.


Q. What should I do when my Granta app crashes?

A. The app performs best when other apps running in the background are shut down. If there are still problems, you can try the following troubleshooting options:

• Force-quit the app and then relaunch it
• Turn your device off and then turn it back on
• Delete and reinstall the app

If you are still having trouble, please let us know, by emailing us at [email protected].