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Hilditch & Key

Carl Shuker

A Syrian refugee visits London’s oldest houses of fashion. ‘The contemplation of the perfection of a craft, worn by a man who knew its worth, and his own.’


Mona Simpson

‘‘I have a body now,’ I whisper.’

Honolulu Hotel Stories

Paul Theroux

’The Christmas carols in Waikiki were being sung in Japanese‘.

Hot Rain

Terese Svoboda

A new story from Terese Svoboda about love, money and power in the hands of an aging parent.

Hôtel Valencia Palace

Annie Perreault

Ce jour-là, comme chaque jour, des poissons avaient nagé au-dessus des têtes.

How to Pronounce Knife

Souvankham Thammavongsa

‘She thought of what else he didn’t know. What else she would have to find out for herself.’

How We Got Mother Back

Valério Romão

‘With the passing of time we got used to hearing our brother being our mother.’


Eimear Ryan

‘There is no face more familiar than one’s own.’

In Shinjuku

Yang Sok-il

‘I found myself sitting on a bench in Shinjuku Central Park, dazed like a junkie, when the wind plastered a sports tabloid to my legs and an advertisement jumped out at me‘

In Summer Camps

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘The sky burned white to blond to powder to an almighty blue; the sun fell unobstructed.’

In the Light of What We Know

Zia Haider Rahman

‘My wife and I were both the children of Pakistanis, immigrants, Muslims, and we had faith that our union was of things greater than ourselves.’

In-flight Entertainment

Helen Simpson

‘All you needed for the modern world was to know how to work a remote control.’


Madeleine Thien

‘You can follow the trail but you can’t know in which direction you are headed’

Jesus Who?

Alison Smith

‘Jesus came walking across the lawn, a grin on his face. I waved. “Hi, Jesus.”’