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Jonathan Safran Foer | Interview

Jonathan Safran Foer & Ollie Brock

‘This is the sort of book I wanted to read, wanted to have, regretted not having.’

Jon McGregor | Podcast

Jon McGregor & Ted Hodgkinson

Jon McGregor on reworking his first published story from the female perspective, his enduring fascination with Lincolnshire and his new short story collection, This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You.

Andrew O’Hagan | Interview

Andrew O’Hagan & Patrick Ryan

‘I do think it’s arrogant of human beings to take it for granted that only we have superior consciousness.’

Natalie Merchant | Interview

Natalie Merchant & Ellah Alfrey

‘Favourite poets, children’s ‘emergence into the world of language’ and their first glimpses of mortality.’

Rewriting the Rules of the Game

Ian Leslie

Ian Leslie on Barack Obama's election in 2008 and forthcoming administration.

Adam Foulds | Interview

Adam Foulds

A short film featuring Adam Foulds, one of Granta’s Best Young British Novelists.

S.J. Naudé and Ivan Vladislavić In Conversation

S.J. Naudé & Ivan Vladislavić

‘In rapidly transforming societies, writers may lose the space they’ve built their imaginative lives around.’

Paolo Zaninoni | Interview

Paolo Zaninoni & John Freeman

‘After almost three years of economic recession and youth unemployment estimated at around twenty per cent, it is fair to say that Italian attitudes towards work have become more serious.’

Evie Wyld | Podcast

Evie Wyld & Ted Hodgkinson

Evie Wyld talks to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about why living in Peckham makes it easier to write about rural Australia, how memory informs her stories and why she can’t write a novel without at least one shark in it.

Deborah Levy | Podcast

Deborah Levy & Ted Hodgkinson

Here Deborah Levy spoke to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about why as she wants to resist anything resembling a comfort zone and why writing fiction is about ‘finding reasons to live’.

Jennifer Egan | Interview

Jennifer Egan & Yuka Igarashi

‘It wasn’t an experiment so much as a response to the need to find a way to embody the oddly shaped story I wanted to tell.’

John Freeman | Interview

John Freeman & Roy Robins

‘I think you know right away if a piece of writing is good. Does it move me? Does it have intensity? Is it beautiful?’

Rowan Ricardo Phillips | Interview

Rowan Ricardo Phillips & Ted Hodgkinson

‘Poetry’s strongest response, on the other hand, is determined, open-ended world-making, which is the work of empathy.’