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Granta 148


Rebekah Frumkin

New fiction from Rebekah Frumkin, featuring psychiatrists brandishing DSM–5, delusions, transference and the menacing voice of Alex Trebek.

Granta 129


Brian Hart

‘The road pleasantly gained and lost elevation, flood gauges in dry washes and scraggy hilltops, corners that begged for two wheels not four.’

Granta 113


Pablo Gutiérrez

‘There’s no finding a telephone booth with anything more than an amputated cable hanging like a terrible extremity.’

The Online Edition

Glimpses of a totally different system

William Ghosh

‘This old circuit, which had been partly dormant, connected to an earlier memory. It was warm and fizzy and sharp. Then he stepped away, and the current was broken.’

Granta 21

Great Falls

Richard Ford

‘This is not a happy story. I warn you.’

Granta 68


Ruth Gershon

Can you still find this day, Habibi, among your possessions?’.

The Online Edition

Happy Hour

Denis Johnson

The day was ending in a fiery and glorious way. The ships on the Sound looked like paper silhouettes being sucked up into the sun.

Granta 97

Hard Core

Gabe Hudson

‘My buddy Meat's the one who showed me the true joy of handling the M203.’

Granta 100


Alan Hollinghurst

‘Surely we’re not going to Rome for discos.’

Granta 109


V. V. Ganeshananthan

‘Pain informs. Pain draws a map. Doctors resolve to relieve pain, but pain is information, and to lose it is to lose something valuable.’

Granta 94

Homage to Mount Desert Island

Mark Haworth-Booth

‘A cow was on the wrong side of the fence on Crooked Road on May 26.’

Granta 126

How Am I Supposed to Talk to You | New Voices

Lauren Holmes

‘Okay don’t sell yourself,’ said my mom, ‘sell the American dream.’

Granta 54

How He Came to be Nowhere

Jonathan Franzen

‘Andy said no, he wasn't arrogant about his victory.’

Granta 144

I’ll Go On

Hwang Jungeun

‘Swish-swish, swish-swish. The sound fills the large space around them, and Nana finds this deeply satisfying.’