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Colm Tóibín & William Atkins

‘I think he saw the German spirit as one in which suffering or an appreciation of suffering was essential.’

Small Girl Landlady

Adachioma Ezeano

‘Trouble was awake – we didn’t need anyone to tell us.’

New fiction by Adachioma Ezeano.


Stephen Gill

Photographer Stephen Gill, whose photo-book Please Notify the Sun came out in 2021, speaks to Granta.

Beautiful Short Loser

Ocean Vuong

‘For as long as I can remember my body was a small town nightmare.’

A new poem by Ocean Vuong.

Personal Growth

Marina Benjamin

‘Refusal is the last recourse of the powerless.’

Marina Benjamin on her years of not eating, and not growing.


Eloghosa Osunde

‘It’s a story that happens to you once and then lives with you forever.’

An excerpt from Vagabonds! by Eloghosa Osunde.

You Must, You Will

Ben Hinshaw

‘Once the Frosties had been eaten, she had no choice but to run.’

Fiction by Ben Hinshaw.

Lecture on Loneliness

Claire Schwartz

‘Only history makes her lonely, only after makes her first.’

A poem by Claire Schwartz.

Notes on Craft

Nataliya Deleva

‘I didn’t want to write Arrival from a place of exile or outcast.’ Nataliya Deleva on writing in her adoptive language.

The Wonders

Elena Medel

‘You need money even to protest.’


Lauren Groff

New short fiction by Lauren Groff.

Two Poems

Emily Berry

‘I do not see / the slow wheels in my blood turning, but / I ride them’

Two poems by Emily Berry.

The Yearner

Rachel Long

‘I stacked three pillows, made sure / my head was heavy with bills, wine’.

A poem by Rachel Long.