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The Sum of Life’s Troubles Makes a Whole Damn Dish

Nuraliah Norasid

‘I have become the muscle of the operation, folding butter and egg yolks into the flour and kneading all two kilograms of dough’.

Nuraliah Norasid on women’s work.

In Conversation

Abi Palmer & Alice Hattrick

The authors discuss the practice of writing about illness, explore the idea of crip time and critique the value of medical labels.

Three Poems

fred spoliar

‘We could live in the cities of / A very normal family like I like / writing copy for it.’

Three poems by fred spoliar.

Notes on Craft

Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques on writing her trans and non-binary characters into being.

Pourquoi avec son Père?

Jeet Thayil

‘To read Baudelaire, he said, is to gather up the world and bring it inside.’

Jeet Thayil on remembering Baudelaire in Paris and Cochin.

In Conversation

Hatty Nestor & Nathalie Olah

A discussion on the class system, the decline of criticism and driving on American highways, by the authors of Ethical Portraits: In Search of Representational Justice and Steal as much as you can.

Appamma in London

Anuk Arudpragasam

An excerpt from A Passage North, longlisted for the Booker Prize.

Ill Feelings

Alice Hattrick

‘Unravelling refers to a textile that was once complete’.

A Burning Bird

O Thiam Chin

On intimacy and national service.

Me, Rory and Aurora

Jonas Eika

A new story by Danish writer Jonas Eika, from the collection After the Sun.

Up Late

Nick Laird

An elegy by Nick Laird for his father, Alastair Laird, who died this year of Covid-19.


Sigrid Rausing

Editor Sigrid Rausing introduces our summer issue.

A Series of Rooms Occupied by Ghislaine Maxwell

Chris Dennis

‘What is the metaphor of the room? Of the house. Of the neighborhood.’

Chris Dennis on incarceration.