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Ida Börjel

‘You know about my / emotional drinking, and my night walks and my / fragmented heart-to-heart conversations.’

All Species Have the Same Life

Emanuele Coccia

‘I have in me the vestiges of an endless series of living beings, all born of other living beings.’


Tishani Doshi

‘Remember when we were / young and the end was a black hole at the edge of forever, / a million light years away.’


Ruchir Joshi

‘I was close to my own father, which many people are not.’

Ruchir Joshi remembers his son.

Already Two

Vladimir Mayakovsky

‘I’m in no hurry; I’ll not storm your dreams’

Words for Woman

Susana Moreira Marques

‘What we need, now, is: Mrs Dalloway in London, but as an immigrant’

In Conversation

Saskia Vogel & Jen Calleja

‘Narrative is control, dominance, purposeful withholding, flirting’

What History Tells us about Epidemics

Sandra Hempel

‘From when we first began living together in settlements, bacteria and viruses were with us, replicating, mutating and jumping species with extraordinary agility.’


Kathryn Scanlan

‘The girl’s curiosity often led her into troublesome situations, but she considered it part of the pact her soul had made in order to gain entrance to the world, and did not worry much over what befell her.’

New fiction from Kathryn Scanlan.

The Smart House of Mrs O

Lincoln Michel

‘I looked around at my apartment, wondering if there was anything gazing back.’

New fiction from Lincoln Michel.

War and Virus

Vesna Maric

‘Wars, national disasters and pandemics do not cause social disintegration – they reveal it, and deepen it.’

Vesna Maric on the difference between wars and viruses.

The Pandemic, Our Common Story

Anna Badkhen

Anna Badkhen was researching Eden – the origins of humanity in the Afar Triangle of East Africa – when coronavirus broke out across the world.