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Dark Air

Lincoln Michel

‘There must have been a dozen ways for us to be crushed or torn apart.’


Hitomi Kanehara

‘I steadied my trembling legs and yelled, “Welcome to Delira!” ’

Diem Perdidi

Julie Otsuka

‘When you ask her your name, she does not remember what it is.’

Doctors and Nurses

Blake Morrison

‘Skirtless, jumperless, she lies on the floor, her hair settling about her like a silky parachute.’

Don’t Forsake Me

Ivan Klíma

'Bára went to the church on the advice of her friend Ivana. She had been suffering from occasional bouts of depression', Ivan Klíma in 'Don't Forsake Me' in Granta 59: France: The Outsider.

Drifting House

Krys Lee

‘Houses loomed like ghosts. The government’s face was everywhere: on the sides of a beached cart, above the lintel of the post office.’

Drinking Men

Todd McEwen

‘Consider a long and famous river; it teems with salmon and story, winds majestic through the most various of Scotland's shires.’


Hari Kunzru

‘Rich men have been building tall on this hill for centuries.’


Ian McEwan

‘It was in his clear moments he was troubled’.

Dyke Bridge

Peter Orner

‘My brother and I in the knee-deep water, standing in the tidal current, under Dyke Bridge.’

Eat You Up

Kathleen Murray

‘Wasn’t it possible the mental shit would leave the kid’s brain, cell by cell, just by doing normal stuff?’


J. Robert Lennon

‘She lay there, her hand on her jeans in the place where she’d seen John’s head coming out of his mother.’


Eddie Limonov

‘Usually taciturn and self-absorbed, on that day Eddie bombarded the teachers with witticisms and cheeky, caustic remarks, for which the French mistress, shaken, sent him out of the classroom.’

Eight Pieces for the Left Hand

J. Robert Lennon

‘Autumn, once the most popular season in this town of tall trees, is now regarded with dread, thanks to the bitter athletic rivalry between our two local high schools.’

Eight Trains

Alberto Olmos

‘To go is always to go somewhere; returning, you return to nowhere. That’s the way it is.’

Einstein in Bern

Alan Lightman

‘Einstein and Besso walk slowly down Speichergasse in the late afternoon.’

Eva and Diego

Alberto Olmos

‘Spending is about the fear of dying.’


Todd McEwen

‘Characteristically my wife refused to be drawn into the situation while I became obsessed with it.’

Every Move You Make

David Malouf

‘This is what sorrow is that knows no explanation or answer.’

Everything Is Different in Your House

Adam Mars-Jones

‘At the end of the year, an ambulance brought Suseela home from hospital to die’.

Evo Morales

Ricardo Lísias

‘Loneliness also makes our victories melancholy.’


Linda Mannheim

‘There is nothing where the Towers should be but smoke. There are no buildings.’

Failing to Fall

A.L. Kennedy

‘This is the one thing I know from the minute I lift the receiver and slip that voice inside my ear: it will happen.‘

Far from Ramiro

Chico Mattoso

‘Through the eyes of the intruder, Ramiro saw the invasion of his own space.’


Fae Myenne Ng

‘If Grandpa Leong had been a family man, there might have been real tears, a grieving wife draped in muslin, the fabric weaving around her like burned skin.’

Fathers and Sons

Benjamin Markovits

‘For a while it wasn’t clear how good he would become, and then it was. He went up the rankings, stopped, and started going down.’


Nadifa Mohamed

‘Silence takes the place of all these words and her loneliness remains as dense and close as a shadow.’

Final Fantasy III

Tao Lin

‘On the F train to Manhattan I emailed a friend in the UK. I said I couldn’t write my essay about Japan.’

Five Cats and Three Women

J. Robert Lennon

‘While he didn't mind (not much anyway) being responsible for the death of one cat, his cat, he did not feel good shouldering the death of four cats.’

Five Houses

Melanie McFadyean

‘I live here, we say, this is my house, my home. We settle, dwell, adorn. A house feels permanent. But this illusion of security can end in a minute.’


David Macey

‘In an hour or so, the bats will fly during a brief twilight. And then the tree frogs will begin to chirp in the dark ’

From Dream to Dream

Yiyun Li

‘At what point had one’s life stopped belonging to one?’

from Son of the Morning

Joyce Carol Oates

‘The livingness of the rifle and the bullet and the death spasm and his own bright quickening blood: never would he forget.’

From the Left Bank of the Flu

Misumi Kubo

‘The big road looked to me like a river, the cars rushing by as if carried along on its current.’

Frozen Fish

William Leith

‘I remembered the freezer from when we were kids. It had been important to us then, the site of many shameful boyish deeds.’

Gas, Boys, Gas

Andrew O’Hagan

‘The men were quiet. They said nothing for a minute and the sea at my back was calm and almost imaginary, but you could hear the waves coming to wash the chalk cliffs from under us.’