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Luisa Geisler

‘The better they were at escaping, the quicker, more daring they were, the harder the cat chased them.’

Still Life

Vinicius Jatobá

‘You see the house and its time, the house and the house alone, though your secrets, your fears and silences still exist there, locked away behind the denseness of the closed doors’


Daniel Galera

‘I could make you promise much worse things.’ Daniel Galera muses on unknown family histories.

Shackleton’s Medical Kit

Gavin Francis

‘Each box was like the distillation of all that we have learned as a species about our bodies and their infirmities, a time capsule of medicine at the start of the twenty-first century.’

Anthony Shadid

Cecil Hourani

‘Anthony’s life was a triumph and a tragedy. It was a tragedy which I believe he foresaw.’

Even Pretty Eyes Commit Crimes

M.J. Hyland

‘My father was sitting on my doorstep. He was wearing khaki shorts, his bare head was exposed to the full bore of the sun, and he was holding a pineapple.’

Throwing Stones at the Moon

María Victoria Jiménez

‘Maybe if I’d participated more when I was a student, I’d have had a well formed outlook about who people really are, and I would have better grasped evil.’

Graft vs. Host

Colin Grant

‘Oftentimes it took so long to ferry the injured that rather than send an ambulance the A&E doctors might as well have sent a hearse.’

Hardy Animal

M.J. Hyland

‘A few weeks after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I made a pact with dying.’

The Perfect Code

Terrence Holt

‘In the hospital where I work, codes go something like this.’

The Third Dumpster

Gish Jen

‘Finally, though, it couldn’t be helped; their parents came for a visit. They looked around stupefied.’

Olympic Drift: making way for the Games

Laura Oldfield Ford

‘Walking around the perimeter of the Olympic site has become an act of remembrance.’

Brazilian Diary

Cynan Jones

‘It’s quite a phone call to get: ‘Will you go to Brazil for us?’’

Marcelo Ferroni | Interview

Marcelo Ferroni

‘This is an exciting moment for Brazilian literature. We may see a batch of new, vibrant novels, really soon.’


Tessa Hadley

‘We had each needed the other for something, which wasn’t kindness or love. We’d both had dry husks for our hearts, that day.’

Anushka Jasraj | Interview

Anushka Jasraj

‘I’ve never really had any readership, apart from fellow writers who have been forced to read my stories in writing workshops.’

Radio Story

Anushka Jasraj

‘We have been married five years – too soon for us to take pleasure in each other’s absence.’

Rice Cakes and Starbucks

Esther Freud

‘When the Lindens arrived in Los Angeles it was raining. Not drizzling, or even pouring, but streaming down outside the glass doors of the arrivals lounge in thick, grey sideways slices.’

Mark Haddon | Podcast

Mark Haddon

‘Sean finds a log to use as a shooting gallery and sends Daniel off in search of targets.’

Lion and Panther in London

Tania James

‘Gama has defeated them all, and more, but how is he to be Champion of the World if this half of the world is in hiding?’

The Dig

Cynan Jones

‘In the car lights he could see just beyond the runs the bodies of cars like some disassembled ghost train littering the field.’

Dividing the Kingdom

Pico Iyer

‘I get on the train to hear the funereal call of my boyhood: ‘Reading, Didcot Parkway, Oxford.’’

Dutch Landscapes

Mishka Henner

‘There is of course an absurdity to these censored images since their overt, bold and graphic nature only draws attention to the very sites that are meant to be hidden.’


Caspar Henderson

‘Often, a road is the least interesting path to follow.’


Ishion Hutchinson

‘The train station was a cemetery. / Drunk with spirits, another being entered.’

The Grandson of Jesus Christ

Apricot Irving

‘His heart is a tired engine with too many loose screws and faulty wires, not weightless like the tissue-thin kites he used to fly with his grandfather as the string danced between his fingers.’

Highlights of 2011 | Podcast

Ted Hodgkinson

A compilation of some of the best readings of 2011, including Binyavanga Wainaina reading from his memoir One Day I Will Write About This Place, Robert Coover’s reading of his online story ‘Vampire’ and Granta debut contributor Taiye Selasi's reading of ‘The Sex Lives of African Girls’.

Suite in Dark Matter

Erin Frances Fisher

‘When her eyes adjust to the dark she sees it is full, so full: the lights from long dead stars churn elliptics, spiral with dying vibrations and decaying harmonics.’


Scott Johnson

‘Sometimes, these sorts of details made their way into wire stories as bullet-pointed footnotes. Other times, the stories screamed into the lives of people I knew.’

Barely Imagined Beings

Caspar Henderson

‘Monsters of one kind or another are woven into virtually all the cultures of which we have record.’

She Murdered Mortal He

Sarah Hall

‘Her old lovers were ghosts. None of them had survived; none were missed.’

Novel Terrors

Yuka Igarashi

‘Violence and genius and terror and mysticism reside in equal parts in the so-called heroes and so-called villains. It wells up and pervades us. We swim in it.’

You Want Gunfire With That?

Dan Hind

‘The end of Soviet communism was supposed to have brought with it the end of ideological struggle and even, according to a significant few, history itself.’

Feeding the Fire: The Political Context of 9/11

Adam Haslett

‘9/11 was the bullet to the powder keg of an already heated domestic conflict.’