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A Very German Coup

Jan Wilm

‘The suspected ringleader was a 71-year-old real-estate developer with an engineering degree.’

Jan Wilm on an attempted coup in 2022.

Model Country

Shida Bazyar

‘Are you talking as Laleh now, or as the Islamic Republic of Iran? I don’t say anything.’

Fiction by Shida Bazyar, translated by Ruth Martin.

How Lustig is It

Peter Kuras

‘Germans don’t really have a word for ‘funny’, which seems appropriate enough.’

Peter Kuras on German humour.

Out of Germany

Michael Hofmann

‘It is pleasant – to me, confusingly so.’

Michael Hofmann on returning to Germany.

Have a Good Trip with Trabant

Martin Roemers & Durs Grünbein

‘Question: ‘What do a Trabant and a condom have in common?’ Answer: ‘Both decrease the pleasure of the ride.’’

Durs Grünbein introduces photography by Martin Roemers.

Notebook 2021

Peter Handke

‘‘Order is half of life’ – and the other half? – You get one guess.’

Extracts from Peter Handke’s notebook, translated by Peter Kuras.

Reunified German Images

Fredric Jameson

‘Political or not, the element Rauch works in is certainly what we call History.’

Fredric Jameson on the paintings of Neo Rauch.


Frederick Seidel

‘Poetry is a disgrace on a warm spring day in March. You look at the sky with unconditional love.’

Poetry by Frederick Seidel.

Wings of Red

James W. Jennings

‘Every time you could have died you kind of do.’

An extract from Wings of Red by James. W. Jennings.

Israel in 600 Words or Less

Etgar Keret

‘My mind contains a lot of good answers to bad questions’

Etgar Keret on the impossibility of representing a nation.

His Idylls at Happy Grove

Ishion Hutchinson

'the sand trenches, where the anonymous / sprung up a permanent humility.'

Poetry from Ishion Hutchinson

Ed’s Things

Robert Glück

‘The past is no longer behind me but in front.’

An extract from About Ed by Robert Glück.