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Mahreen Sohail

‘The first person he tells is his girlfriend of one year. I’m going to donate my hair to my mother, he says, and is worried to see tears rise in her eyes.’

Learning to Sing

Lydia Davis

‘You discover during your very first lessons that the problem of singing better involves overcoming many other problems you had not ever imagined.’


Tishani Doshi

‘If you need proof you’re alive, regard the oar / in your hand.’


Anouchka Grose

‘What a strange, terrible, exciting present – something you have to defile in order to appreciate.’

from the knotweed sonnets

Andrew McMillan

‘sometimes I need / the sound of something pulled up from the roots / and tossed aside’

You Are Here, You Are Not a Ghost

Mark Doty

‘Does it make you a little ghostly yourself, when what’s gone is more present for you than what’s here?’


Tishani Doshi

‘Understand friend, the conscience is a delicate broth. / Sometimes it feels good to be bad.’

Diminishing Returns

Fatin Abbas

‘Alex had been sent to this remote district between north and south Sudan to update maps. It was an information-gathering project run by an American NGO based in the capital, Khartoum, nine hundred kilometers to the north.’

Crimes of Space

Eyal Weizman & Rana Dasgupta

‘Architecture can be employed as a form of violence and violation.’

Border Documents

Arturo Soto

‘The twin cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez lie either side of the US–Mexico border.’

As if in Prayer

Steven Heighton

‘Many of the life vests were useless fakes, nylon shells that the human traffickers had stuffed with bubble wrap, boxboard, sawdust or rags.’


Tishani Doshi

‘Will it be for them / as it was for us, impossible to imagine oceans where there are now / mountains?’

The Lake

Kapka Kassabova

‘The chalky mountain separates the lake from its higher, non-identical twin, but only overground. Underground, they are connected. Ohrid and Prespa: two lakes, one ecosystem.’

Between Light and Storm

Esther Woolfson

‘We’ve always been entwined in life and in death with other creatures, although often too much time has elapsed to be able to interpret with any certainty what some of these symbols and artefacts mean.’