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Long, Too Long America

Aaron Schuman & Sigrid Rausing

‘The conundrum of America: on the one hand, violence and repression; on the other, freedom and social justice.’

Sigrid Rausing introduces photography by Aaron Schuman.

The Schedule of Loss

Emily LaBarge

‘The Schedule of Loss is what can be heard, what can be tolerated, what can be borne by both teller and told.’

Memoir by Emily LaBarge.

To That Silence, I Told Everything

Xiao Yue Shan

‘To survive, difference was something that had to be mastered.’

Xiao Yue Shan on migration, absence and discovering a library at the end of the world.

The Antigua Journals (What Is a Homeland)

Chanelle Benz

‘I am used to not belonging; it is, you could say, my brand.’

Chanelle Benz on reuniting with her father in Antigua.

The Golden Record

Caspar Henderson

‘The two copies of the Golden Record were shot into space nearly fifty years ago.’

Caspar Henderson on music sent into space by NASA.

Ordinary People

Richard Eyre

‘Is it courage? Is it stoicism? Is it wilful lack of imagination?’

Richard Eyre on family histories and what it means to be ordinary.

A Light Bird

Maylis de Kerangal

‘Her voice survived her, in recorded form, indestructible, in the form of a light bird.’

Fiction by Maylis de Kerangal, translated by Jessica Moore.

City by the Sea

Kalpesh Lathigra & Max Ferguson

‘The homogeneity of cities is a form of madness, but it’s also comfortable because it’s a recognisable madness.’

Kalpesh Lathigra on Mumbai, artistic perspective and moving away from neutrality.

The Last Place We Were Happy

TaraShea Nesbit

‘Our daughter had been born one month early, unbreathing. My husband and I drove to the last place we were happy.’

Memoir by TaraShea Nesbit.

Through the Smoke, Through the Veil, Through the Wind

Roger Reeves

‘In the middle of disaster, we made the unimaginable – joy.’

Roger Reeves on loss, memory and the legacy of slavery.

In Conversation

Constance Debré & Chris Kraus

‘It was a bit like Saint Augustine and his conversion.’

Constance Debré and Chris Kraus on queer identity, casual sex and the politics of refusal.


Dorothy Tse

‘Here one minute, gone the next.’An extract from Owlish by Dorothy Tse, translated by Natascha Bruce.

Notes on Craft

Aidan Cottrell-Boyce

‘The whole episode is a miracle and much of the miracle is in the muscles of Carmela’s face.’

Aidan Cottrell-Boyce on craft, nuance and The Sopranos.

Two Poems

Tim Liardet

‘Head up, / head down, it strolled ever so slowly out of the frame / with the suggestion of a limp. Extinct as an umbrella.’

Poetry by Tim Liardet.