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Beyond Conversion Therapy

Kevin Childs

‘When I was growing up in his house, religion was his crutch, a justification for his behaviour.’

Kevin Childs on growing up queer in a Catholic household.

Joy and Insecurity in Port-au-Prince

Jason Allen-Paisant

‘The body is the first measurement of time: to reclaim time is to reclaim the body.’

Jason Allen-Paisant in Haiti.

Port-au-Prince by Night

Phalonne Pierre Louis

A photoessay by Phalonne Pierre Louis.

My Mother Photographs Me in a Bath of Dead Squid

Lars Horn

‘She is not a conventionally “good” mother. But then, put like that, it sounds like a slow death sentence anyhow.’

Lars Horn on modeling for their artist mother.

Blue-Eyed Muggers

Alejandro Zambra

‘At every protest, when it was time to yell at the cops, I remembered my father and felt a turbulent emotion.’

Memoir by Alejandro Zambra on his father and his son.

Diary of a Journey to Senegal

Ishion Hutchinson

‘Sea night music: what is the music?’

Ishion Hutchinson in Senegal.


Adam Foulds

‘It was unmistakable, he said; it was absolutely him.’

Fiction by Adam Foulds.

The Right to Intimacy

Raphaela Rosella & Nicole R. Fleetwood

‘Rosella and her co-creators curate an archive of pain, of endurance, of love and belonging, of alienation and disconnection.’

Nicole R. Fleetwood introduces the photography of Raphaela Rosella.

National Dress

Rebecca Sollom

‘That smile the President has – it was just the same then as it is now.’

Fiction by Rebecca Sollom.


Muhammad Salah & Esther Kinsky

‘But what is an unencumbered gaze? And where does it begin to see?’

Esther Kinsky introduces a photoessay by Muhammad Salah.

An English Opening

Maxim Osipov

‘In a bad position, any move is worthless.’

New fiction by Maxim Osipov, translated from the Russian by Alex Fleming.

The Kingdom of Sand

Andrew Holleran

‘In a small town, one thinks that Time is not even passing.’

An excerpt from Holleran’s novel The Kingdom of Sand.


Geoff Dyer

‘Even experienced users get scared because it’s so far out.’ Geoff Dyer on ageing and understanding the self.

Notes on Craft

Amy Bloom

‘Revision for me is relief. It is reassurance.’

Amy Bloom on the pleasures of revising.