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Frederic Prokosch

‘Thomas Wolfe's enormous body and low, grumbling voice made the cutlery look like trinkets in a brittle Lilliput.’

A Few Words on the Life Cycle of Frogs

Patricio Pron

‘I wasn’t going to abandon the dream of literature, I was going to keep dreaming.’

Last Day on Earth

Eric Puchner

‘Despite my efforts at denial the new reality of our lives was beginning to sink in.’


Lucía Puenzo

‘She would leave everything behind not to lose him.’


Yana Punkina

‘His voice had long since lost all superfluous timbral embellishments, he was left with only the raw thread of screeching.’

Summer Tidings

James Purdy

‘He washed the quivering flesh of the wound in thick yellow soap.’

The Argentine Episcopate

Bernard Quiriny

‘I started working for the Bishop of San Julián in 1939, not long after the death of my husband.’

New World (Part One)

Jonathan Raban

‘At first sight the ship was bigger than the dock in which it floated, a whale sprawled in a hip-bath‘.

New World (Part Two)

Jonathan Raban

‘It was how Europeans had always seen American nature – as shockingly bigger, more colourful, more deadly, more exotic, than anything they’d seen at home.’

New World (Part Three)

Jonathan Raban

‘To my eyes, airplane always looked impertinently casual on the page; it robbed the amazing machine of its proper mystery.’

New World (Part Four)

Jonathan Raban

‘Sleep has disassembled the self: it will take patience to rebuild a person out of the heap of components in the bed.’

Fishes and Dragons

Undinė Radzevičiūtė

An excerpt from ‘Fishes and Dragons’ a Lithuanian literary chinoiserie that addresses the interpretation by a European of Qing dynasty culture and art.

In the Light of What We Know

Zia Haider Rahman

‘My wife and I were both the children of Pakistanis, immigrants, Muslims, and we had faith that our union was of things greater than ourselves.’


Ross Raisin

‘It is obvious now that we can have no control over our journey, or its end.’

When You Grow Into Yourself

Ross Raisin

‘A few drivers had slowed to look up at the side of the coach as it circled the roundabout.’

A Play on Mothering

David Rakoff

‘His hands are a jewel box and I lean forward and peer in.’


Ben Ratliff

‘There’s Bo Diddley. Big hips, pointy shoes, glasses. A gap between his teeth, and a bow tie, in 1965.’

A Discourse on the Elephant

Richard Rayner

‘This is not the story of my life, at least not the story of all of it, but it is the story of my father.’


Victoria Redel

‘A month after turning forty-five, every last egg in her body is a Rockette doing the can-can.’

Chasing Cars

Dave Reidy

‘I open the chair and angle it toward the shop. Then I sit and wait.’


Tanya Rey

‘Desire was a slapping, bone-chilling wind the likes of which did not exist this close to the equator.’

Memoirs of an Anti-Semite

Gregor von Rezzori

‘For our kind it was impossible to fall in love with a Jewish girl. It meant being unfaithful to our flag.’

At The Villa Cockroft

Dan Rhodes

‘In Bosnia, it seemed, a deal was a deal and the Bosnian was ready to pay his rent.’

Look at Me, I’m Beautiful!

Ben Rice

‘When I came back from Gwen's I had expected to find him in the throes of his midlife koisis—you know—trimming an anal fin in the bath, or nursing a slime coat at the very least.’

Pobby and Dingan

Ben Rice

“I’m looking for my daughter’s imaginary friends and you’d better bloody well believe it, mate!”

Goal 666

Stacey Richter

‘I began to feel almost ill with a kind of unpleasant pleasure, like being tickled.’

Marching Songs

Keith Ridgway

‘I believe, though I cannot prove, that my illness is due directly to the perverted Catholicism and megalomania of Mr Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, whom I met once.’

First Love

Gwendoline Riley

‘It must be a dreadful cross: this hot desire to join in with people who don’t want you.’


Suzanne Rivecca

‘The novelist/philanthropist was more vigorous than her wax-figure photographs, and at the same time much frailer.’

The Maenad

Eliza Robertson

‘She feels the wildness enter her and keeps her eyes shut.’ New fiction from Eliza Robertson.

We Walked on Water

Eliza Robertson

‘Land of the misty giants: cedar, alder, Ponderosa pine. Cascade Mountains pushing out green like grass through a garlic press.’


Colin Robinson

‘My brother and I can’t help but stand out in such a gritty locale.’


Jane Rogers

‘For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly grateful.’


Pooneh Rohi

‘Like all roads, this one too comes to an end.’ A Swedish novel that looks at the realities of the immigrant experience.

How We Got Mother Back

Valério Romão

‘With the passing of time we got used to hearing our brother being our mother.’

Stars and Stripes

Santiago Roncagliolo

‘He chewed on the syllables until they sounded the way they did in movies.’