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The Adjuster

Tracy Kidder

’On the day my career at Fireplace Mutual began, six of us recruits filed into the smoke-filled office of the Supervisor of Adjusters, Mr Kreisky.’

The Last Place on Earth

Tracy Kidder

‘The living-room windows begin to reflect the lights on the plastic Christmas tree, and the view through those windows is fading, the woods growing thicker, the birches glowing in the dusk.’

Body Language

Juhea Kim

‘Always being pulled in opposite directions was how she remained upright.’

The Dune

Stephen King

‘Being able to read obituaries in advance gives a man an extraordinary sense of power.’

Stratford Marsh

Esther Kinsky

‘Estuary English, the tongue of the river mouth, open vowels, clipped syllables that nonetheless spilled into one: I found it hard to listen to. The words snapped at my ears: malicious fish.’

Tokyo Island

Natsuo Kirino

‘The lottery to choose her next husband was to take place at the Imperial Palace.’

In Goats’ Eyes is the Sky Blue?

Natsuo Kirino

‘The people locked up in Administrative Camp 16 weren’t allowed clocks. In fact there wasn’t a single clock to be found, even in communal areas.’

God, He Was Good

J. K. Klavans

‘What’ve I ever done in my whole life that wasn’t painful anyway?’


Phil Klay

‘A few months later I was strapped up, M4 in condition 1, surrounded by 03s, backpack full of cash, twitchiest guy in Iraq.’


Phil Klay

‘Those ripples can tear organs apart.’

Don’t Forsake Me

Ivan Klíma

'Bára went to the church on the advice of her friend Ivana. She had been suffering from occasional bouts of depression', Ivan Klíma in 'Don't Forsake Me' in Granta 59: France: The Outsider.

The Night of the Railwaymen’s Ball

Ivan Klíma

‘The season of ballroom dancing was upon us and crime was on the increase. I have little interest in ballroom dancing – I don't dance.’

A Time for Everything

Karl Ove Knausgaard

‘It can almost seem as if God was genuinely concerned about mankind.’ Translated by James Anderson.

The Dive

Samsun Knight

‘What’s wrong is that she cannot breathe.’ Samsun Knight’s ‘The Dive’ is the winner of the 2018 Disquiet Literary Prize

The Sole Purveyor of Madame Bovary in Beijing circa 1989

Amanda Lee Koe

‘In the day, his bevy of besotted rustics were coached in maxims of libertarian socialism. By night: rice wine orgies and folk punk sing-alongs.’

In the Garden

F.T. Kola

‘I too quiver. I resonate with the music that vibrates within her.’

Sticky Fingers

Arun Kolatkar

‘Selecting the right kind of a tomato was crucial for the scam to work.’

Brother in Ice

Alicia Kopf

‘My brother is a man trapped in ice. He looks at us through it; he is there and he is not there.’

Qualitative Leaps

Sana Krasikov

‘Breaking your family’s heart was the price you paid for rescuing your own.’

Remembering Westgate

Sana Krasikov

‘I wonder if the only way to grasp what is terrifying and unimaginable for those of us who haven’t experienced it is to feel around the contours of inescapability, the boundary of its negative space.’

Stones and Artichokes

Nicole Krauss

‘As we get older, the world grows to fit our fear of death.’

My Painter

Nicole Krauss

‘My painter caught me in a moment that is somehow rare and yet not uncharacteristic.’

From the Left Bank of the Flu

Misumi Kubo

‘The big road looked to me like a river, the cars rushing by as if carried along on its current.’

Laikas I

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

‘Hilary hadn’t wanted to acknowledge A: herself as dog-lady; B: any problems re wolves or whatever.’

Cow and Company

Parashar Kulkarni

‘And now there were four of them stepping out to look for a cow.’ 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize overall winner.


Amitava Kumar

‘I was overcome by a feeling that took root then and has never left me, the feeling that in this land that was someone else’s country, I did not have a place to stand.’

Soul and Body

Milan Kundera

‘What was screaming in fact was the naive idealism of her love trying to banish all contradictions, banish the duality of the body and soul, banish perhaps even time.’


Hari Kunzru

‘That smile. The start of all your problems.’


Hari Kunzru

‘Rich men have been building tall on this hill for centuries.’

Goodbye, Mother

Hanif Kureishi

‘If you think the living are difficult to deal with, the dead can be worse‘.

In a Blue Time

Hanif Kureishi

‘When the phone rings, who do you most want it to be?’

With Your Tongue Down My Throat

Hanif Kureishi

‘“Your father had a wife in India,” Ma says, wincing every time she says father.’

Something to Tell You

Hanif Kureishi

‘I’d have dumped her if it wouldn’t have caused more problems than it solved.’

The Umbrella

Hanif Kureishi

‘If there were a thousand umbrellas there I would not give you one.’

The Billionaire Comes To Supper

Hanif Kureishi

A new short story from Hanif Kureishi.

Slips of Love

Allen Kurzweil

‘He gripped a paint roller in one hand, a bucket in the other, and was covering the month's graffiti with gray latex.’