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The Kite Trick

Bill Gaston

‘He hated it when people said ying-yang.’

Sea Bean

Tim Fitts

‘Fred was the type whose worldview gazed through a shadow of things that could go wrong, like most of the South Philly lifers.’

A World Intact

Adam Foulds

‘His life, unexciting as it may have been so far, was still a detailed, complicated thing.’

She Murdered Mortal He

Sarah Hall

‘Her old lovers were ghosts. None of them had survived; none were missed.’

Room After Room

Jonathan Safran Foer

‘Her heart is kept in a room with a very expensive security system.’

The Witch’s Dog

Helon Habila

‘The old witch, Nana Mudo, lived alone with her dog on the other side of the grove.’

The Survivor

Sònia Hernández

‘I should have died six years ago.’


Anjali Joseph

‘Like scraps of leather, oddly shaped, things from life, people and sayings and objects, found themselves spliced together.’

My Mother’s Death Party

Ben Janse

‘When I was eleven I fell out of a tree. This is why I can see into the future.’


Nadine Gordimer

‘Everyone will be quite safe if they stay in the car and please roll up the windows, says the host.’


Alan Judd

‘She responded to him with a mixture of haughty refusal and a suggestive acknowledgement, a grudging yielding which was what the play demanded.’

Dreams of a Leisure Society

Adam Foulds

‘They were citizens of a multidimensional universe and they liked to get high.’

Radio Story

Anushka Jasraj

‘We have been married five years – too soon for us to take pleasure in each other’s absence.’

The Gourmet

Kazuo Ishiguro

‘And I am informed it is a very reliable ghost, as ghosts go.‘

On a Boat to Tangier

Tahar Ben Jelloun

‘He inspected the chest where the snakes slept. There was the viper, quiet, in a deep sleep.’

Never Neverland

Rodrigo Fresán

‘The dead are—always—masterpieces of literature.’

War Memories

Peregrine Hodson

‘I said I thought it was difficult to judge the actions of war in peace because war and peace are different worlds.’

Something Called Crab Deluxe

David Haynes

‘So on Saturday morning I arose like Venus from the sea.’

The Place of Losses

Rodrigo Hasbún

‘I’m getting a divorce, I’m considering a divorce, I think I want a divorce.’

Sharps and Flats

Alan Hollinghurst

‘The first boy I was in love with was called Mark Lyle.‘

A Tale of Two Martyrs

Tahar Ben Jelloun

‘You spend your life swallowing insults.’


Richard Ford

‘Madeleine Granville was standing at the hotel window of the Queen Elizabeth II, trying to decide which tiny car far below on Mansfield Street was her yellow Saab’.


David Harsent

‘When he began to walk again, he was picturing himself sitting beside her in their usual bar, drinking a cold beer and smoking a cigarette.’

The New Customers

Julian Jackson

‘All the time I could sense the watchful eyes and listening ears at the end of the bar.’

Local Man has Sex with Corpse

Allan Gurganus

‘RALEIGH–A former funeral home employee charged with having sex with a body he was transporting pleaded guilty Wednesday after a psychiatrist testified that the man had sexual problems and that the incident probably was an isolated one.’

The Hole

Romesh Gunesekera

'I let the tears roll down to the sides of my mouth, and licked them to harden my insides. I wanted to cry gushingly, but I couldn't.'


Daniel Galera

‘I could make you promise much worse things.’ Daniel Galera muses on unknown family histories.

Butt and Bhatti

Mohammad Hanif

‘Teddy is one of those people who are only articulate when they talk about cricket.’

White Men’s Boats

Giles Foden

‘Deo Gratias stood on the deck of the Liemba with his prisoners at his feet. I leaned on the rail, studiously casual.’


Nuruddin Farah

‘In a world in which coercion is the norm, a human trafficker must have underlings as well.’

In Time of War

Philip Hensher

‘They set off, walking in a slow way without map or plan.’

Broken Star

Jennifer Haigh

‘I’d never heard her say an unkind word about anybody.’

A Letter From Wales

Cynan Jones

‘Believe me – it will be impossible for you not to wonder – when I vow I am entirely sane.’

This Side of the Oder

Judith Hermann

‘Time retreated, his dread crouched in the farthest recess of his mind.’

We Are the Kings

Michel Houellebecq

‘Smoking cigarettes has become the only element of real freedom in my day-to-day existence.’

Operation Gomorrah

Marione Ingram

‘We hadn't progressed very far when we began to see bodies.’