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In Utah There Are Mountains Too

Federico Falco

‘No one had ever spoken her name in a foreign language.’

Butt and Bhatti

Mohammad Hanif

‘Teddy is one of those people who are only articulate when they talk about cricket.’

A Beheading

Mohsin Hamid

‘The words are just dribbling out of my mouth. I can’t stop them. They’re like tears.’

White Men’s Boats

Giles Foden

‘Deo Gratias stood on the deck of the Liemba with his prisoners at his feet. I leaned on the rail, studiously casual.’

After Hours

A. M. Homes

‘They have created stage sets, backdrops, candy-coloured scenarios, Kodacolor bright landscapes onto which you can project your fantasies.’


V. V. Ganeshananthan

‘Pain informs. Pain draws a map. Doctors resolve to relieve pain, but pain is information, and to lose it is to lose something valuable.’

The Unnamed

Joshua Ferris

‘Coffee and a powdered doughnut sat on his desk, the morning offering.’

In the Crossfire

Ha Jin

‘Meifen had never imagined that his life could be so fragile.’

Dragon Island | New Voices

Laura Fellowes

‘This is a wartime story. It is the spring of 1943 and Europe is burning; look down and see.’

Original Message

Austin Grossman

‘So tomorrow we might be on the same side. Unless you’re a triple agent, in which case we already were on the same side.’

The Silkworms

Janet Frame

‘Nothing has changed, Edgar said. What new event is written into their history? None. Where is their future? Nowhere. Are they against or for progress? It was dark when Edgar took the box outside down to the rubbish heap and sprinkled the dead moths upon the ashes of the diseased pawpaw.’ Janet Frame on an unsettling natural process.


Ruth Gershon

Can you still find this day, Habibi, among your possessions?’.

Nothing But Ghosts

Judith Hermann

‘Afterwards Ellen liked to say she had once been to America but couldn't remember it very well.‘

To Feed the Night

Philip Hensher

‘They lived in London at the end of the nineteen eighties.’

The Father

Kirsty Gunn

‘They never had people who could be fathers here before.’

Fox Deceived | New Voices

Hannah Gersen

‘Sandra was stuck at the traffic lights where route forty hit the turnpike. She was thinking about strawberries.’

More Afraid of You

Joshua Ferris

‘On Bainbridge Island, across the Puget Sound from Seattle, there are two modes of living: downtown and inland.’


Alan Hollinghurst

‘Surely we’re not going to Rome for discos.’

May We Be Forgiven

A.M. Homes

‘Now I understand the meaning of — it just happened. Or — it was an accident.’

Broken Star

Jennifer Haigh

‘I’d never heard her say an unkind word about anybody.’

The Virgin of Esmeraldas

Nell Freudenberger

‘Everything was okay until Marisol accidentally broke a china cup with a rose on it that her stepmother had brought with her from DR.’

In the Country

Tessa Hadley

‘She wondered if she would have the audacity, when the time came, to let herself go like that.’

Room After Room

Jonathan Safran Foer

‘Her heart is kept in a room with a very expensive security system.’

Where East Meets West

Nell Freudenberger

‘How can we presume to know what other people's experiences are like?’


Olga Grushin

‘For one instant, while all this seemed possible, he listened to the violent unfolding of his heart.’

Passover in New Orleans

Dara Horn

‘The moon was bright and round, as it always is on Passover, like a coin resting on the moist black velvet of the spring night sky.’

Hard Core

Gabe Hudson

‘My buddy Meat's the one who showed me the true joy of handling the M203.’

Dance Cadaverous

Uzodinma Iweala

‘It just seemed like the right thing to want, the right thing to do.’

Operation Gomorrah

Marione Ingram

‘We hadn't progressed very far when we began to see bodies.’

Bye-Bye Natalia

Michel Faber

‘Natalia picks at the frayed black lace of her dress while the photograph of her American penpal loads into the computer.’


Tessa Hadley

‘One night forty years ago Helen Cerruti left her husband.’

Homage to Mount Desert Island

Mark Haworth-Booth

‘A cow was on the wrong side of the fence on Crooked Road on May 26.’

The War of the Ears

Moses Isegawa

‘It was a victory to arrive home. Ma Beeda always celebrated with a strong cup of tea.’

Beethoven Was One Sixteenth Black

Nadine Gordimer

‘Once there were blacks wanting to be white. Now there are whites wanting to be black.’

The Witch’s Dog

Helon Habila

‘The old witch, Nana Mudo, lived alone with her dog on the other side of the grove.’

Buckets of Blood

Tessa Hadley

‘I’m miscarrying a pregnancy, she said, when the spasm seemed to have passed.—It’s a fine mess.’