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Martin Amis

‘Cities at night, I feel, contain men who cry in their sleep and then say Nothing.’


Robert Olen Butler

‘I wake and it’s dark and a woman is beside me, naked and small, and she is waking too and the room is still heavy with the incense she burned for her dead.’

Batorsag and Szerelem

Ethan Canin

‘In January of 1973, the year everything changed in our family, my older brother Clive competed for the mathematics championship of William Howard Taft High School in Shaker Heights, Ohio.’


Roberto Bolaño

‘I said to myself that maybe he wasn’t about to die.’

Before the Fall

J.P. Cuenca

‘Is it possible to run away without being a coward?’


Ann DeWitt

‘By the end of the summer, the city was fed up with our antics.’

Birthday Boy

Tony Earley

‘During the night something like a miracle happened: Jim's age grew an extra digit.’


Fatima Bhutto

The tourists are gone. They’ve fled to Islamabad, along with the landlords and the hoteliers and the battalions of police that used to defend them, and certainty has left with them.

Blow Your House Down

Pat Barker

‘Brenda stood up, brushing bits of gravel from her knees, and thinking, Christ, there’ve gotta be easier ways of earning a living than this.’


John Berger

‘Sometimes to refute a single sentence it is necessary to tell a life story.’

Born Again

Anne Billson

‘I had no time for vices.‘

Burning Mary

Tom Drury

‘Paul Emmons was a college student with no money behind him and none in front and so he seemed immune from trouble.’

But Richard Widmark

Nik Cohn

‘I ask my wife what she means by kidnap exactly, but she says never mind’.

Call If You Need Me

Raymond Carver

‘I think I even used the phrase second honeymoon to the realtor, God forgive me, while Susan smoked a cigarette and read tourist brochures out in the car’.