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Robert Coover

‘His wife comes in, baring, with a wink, her incisors, and offers him a Bloody Mary.’

Out of the Tombs

Madison Smartt Bell

‘He had always been curious as to what lay behind the gate: a metal portcullis, of an almost medieval aspect, opposite the corner of Columbus Park.’


Robert Olen Butler

‘I wake and it’s dark and a woman is beside me, naked and small, and she is waking too and the room is still heavy with the incense she burned for her dead.’

Gothic Night

Mansoura Ez Eldin

‘He wrote: they called it the city of eternal sun. Its sun set only after the last inhabitant slept, and rose before the first got up. They were all deprived of the night. They were not even aware of its existence.’

The Trouble with the Horses

Patrick deWitt

‘We did not believe in naming horses but they were given to us as partial payment for the last job with the names intact, so that was that.’

Punnu’s Jihad

Nadeem Aslam

‘It is as though the metal itself is bleeding.’

The Dreadful Mucamas

Lydia Davis

‘They are very rigid, stubborn women from Bolivia.’

The Ojibwe Week

Louise Erdrich

‘Have you seen a beautiful naked antelope lady running through the streets?’

Hot-Air Balloons

Edwidge Danticat

‘We should all know that life and death are beyond our control.’

Rabbit Cycling

Madison Smartt Bell

‘He’d lost her first name in a burst of senseless coloured lights and he couldn’t tell her his own name because he didn’t know it.’


Roberto Bolaño

‘I said to myself that maybe he wasn’t about to die.’

Last Man in Tower

Aravind Adiga

‘Perhaps that calm was all he had ever had’

Here Is What You Do

Chris Dennis

‘It’s like there’s a piece of candy hidden deep inside you and everyone is trying to find the easiest way to get it out.’

After Effects

Oliverio Coelho

‘Iván tried not to keep still.’

The Coming Flood

Andrés Barba

‘When it happens, she gets the feeling that the men, for her, are a way to cling to life.’

Scenes From A Comfortable Life

Andrés Ressia Colino

‘That nothing that’s consumed is real; what’s real is expensive, and gets consumed slowly.’

Leila in the Wilderness

Nadeem Aslam

‘It was almost involuntary: it felt like falling, or like rising in a dream.’

The Sins of the Mother

Jamil Ahmad

‘They are after us. I feel it in the air.’

Missing Out

Leila Aboulela

‘She had held the day up with pegs; not only her day but his too.’

The Unwriteable

Mark Doty

‘When I was seventeen, a freshman in college living in my parents’ house, I met Ruth at a poetry reading.’

The Redhead

Roberto Bolaño

‘Only the inventors survive.’

This is for You

Emmanuel Carrère

‘I have a proposition for you. From this moment on, you will do everything I tell you to do.’


Anne Enright

‘As soon as I walked in, I knew he wanted to touch it.’


Catherine Chung

‘I don’t know exactly what I wanted from you then, except that I wanted it badly.’


Julian Barnes

‘They had dined well at no. 261 Landstrasse, and now passed eagerly into the music room.’

All That Follows

Jim Crace

‘Leonard Lessing does not dream of Maxie Lemon, Maxim Lermontov, the hostage­-taker.’


Peter Carey

‘You might think, who is this, and I might say, this is God, and what are you to do?’

The Encirclement

Tamas Dobozy

‘Teleki would gasp and sputter and grow red in the face and the audience would love it.’ Tamas Dobozy in Granta 107

From the Journals of Mahmoud Darwish 1941–2008

Mahmoud Darwish

‘I’m alive even though I feel no pain.’

Two Tides

Eleanor Catton

‘The harbour at Mana was a converted mudflat, tightly elbowed and unlovely at any tide but high.’

The Bridge

Daniel Alarcón

‘There was no question we were underwater.’

Saving the World

Tahmima Anam

‘Today, my brothers, Mohammed and Rubel, are going to foreign.’

The Destiny of Nathalie X

William Boyd

’I once heard a theory about this town, this place where we work and wrangle, where we swindle and swive‘.

Call If You Need Me

Raymond Carver

‘I think I even used the phrase second honeymoon to the realtor, God forgive me, while Susan smoked a cigarette and read tourist brochures out in the car’.

Mr Bones

Paul Auster

‘Mr Bones knew that Willy wasn't long for this world’.

This is Centerville

James Buchan

‘In the imagination of strangers there is a small town in America which represents not just itself but the whole country‘.