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You Go When You Can No Longer Stay

Jackie Kay

‘It is not so much that we are splitting up that is really worrying me, it is the fact that she keeps quoting Martin Amis.’

The Lord in his Wisdom

Jackie Kay

‘I realize with a fresh horror that Jonathan is seeing me as the sin’

The Last of The Smokers

Jackie Kay

‘Smoking is my first erotic memory.’

In Between Talking about The Elephant

Jackie Kay

‘I discover some rough skin on her elbow. I run my tongue along it’.

Of Bankers and Soldiers

Alex Kayser

Alex Kayser’s photographs of Swiss bankers and soldiers for Granta 35: The Unbearable Peace.


Claire Keegan

‘Don't forget to write.’

Remembering Iain M Banks

Stuart Kelly

Stuart Kelly remembers Iain Banks, and assesses the influence he's had on this generation of writers.

Man Walks Into A Bar

James Kelman

‘I had been living abroad for twelve years and I was gaun hame, maybe forever, maybe a month.‘

Captain Scott’s Biscuit

Thomas Keneally

‘Those who took anything out of any of the huts could excuse themselves in the belief that they were merely saving a relic from gradual climatic destruction’.

The Handbag Studio

Thomas Keneally

‘In Los Angeles in late October of 1980, I was feeling the strange, malign electricity the Santa Ana winds bring to the city.’

Room 536

A.L. Kennedy

‘The world cannot be as this is, I refuse to accept it.’

Late in Life

A.L. Kennedy

‘Eating figs is different for girls.’

That Whole London Thing

A.L. Kennedy

‘But London has always been impossible and yet possible and has always called me.’


A.L. Kennedy

‘I was tempted to let the pages blow overboard and start again...But they have very stern laws about littering at sea.’

Summer with my Grandmother

A.L. Kennedy

‘And this was my grandmother, this man-destroying tyrant, this magnificent perfectionist with untireable arms and unfathomable ways of seeing.’

A.L. Kennedy | God and Me

A.L. Kennedy

‘Faith: the greater it is, the more unsupported it must be’

A.L. Kennedy | First Sentence

A.L. Kennedy

‘I have never seen anyone eat figs in the street and feel I am unsurprised.’

Failing to Fall

A.L. Kennedy

‘This is the one thing I know from the minute I lift the receiver and slip that voice inside my ear: it will happen.‘

Story of My Life

A.L. Kennedy

‘Story of my life – maybe – going to the dentist.’


A.L. Kennedy

‘After dinner and schoolwork and dog-walking and the rest, even if I’d put the light out and laid myself down for definite rest, little ideas and scraps and nonsenses would tickle in and start to shake me. They would make the nights too bright to resist.’

Introducing Tatiana Salem Levy

A.L. Kennedy

Tatiana Salem Levy is introduced by previous double Best of Young British Novelist, A.L. Kennedy.

A Blow to the Head

A.L. Kennedy

‘I am looking for my dead grandfather in the British Library.’


Etgar Keret

’Thirty years I’m a cabbie,’ the small guy sitting behind the wheel tells me, ’thirty years and not one accident.’

Gadi Taub | Best Untranslated Writers

Etgar Keret

‘At first, I thought the best way to introduce Gadi Taub’s powerful novel would be through its sophisticated and twist-filled plot. But the hard hitting story isn’t half as complex and unique as its protagonists.’

Big Blue Bus

Etgar Keret

‘I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to.’

Car Concentrate

Etgar Keret

‘Women mostly touch it tentatively with the backs of their hands.’

Pictures from the War

Thomas Kern

‘Kern’s achievement is to have captured this despair, and the confusion of ordinary people forced to live and love and die in the middle of a battlefield.’

Reference Points

Philip Kerr

‘It was eating oysters, four hundred of the bivalve sons-of-bitches, that finally killed my father, in a theatre-bar off St Martin's Lane.‘

Our Adder

Richard Kerridge

‘Our zoo needed something more thrilling, more dangerous, we had decided. We wanted an adder.’

Today is a Sunny Day

Porochista Khakpour

‘For the past ten years I have been trying to write about the events that occurred on 9/11.’

Ice, Mating

Uzma Aslam Khan

‘You even tell yourself that you have found it.’

In the village of the mothers

Vénus Khoury-Ghata

‘The wells are kept for the use of the dead who splash the / walls with their silence.’

The Adjuster

Tracy Kidder

’On the day my career at Fireplace Mutual began, six of us recruits filed into the smoke-filled office of the Supervisor of Adjusters, Mr Kreisky.’

The Last Place on Earth

Tracy Kidder

‘The living-room windows begin to reflect the lights on the plastic Christmas tree, and the view through those windows is fading, the woods growing thicker, the birches glowing in the dusk.’

The Work of War

Martin Kimani

‘Work is so common that it is rendered invisible.’