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Three Poems

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘create a national holiday in your namelessness, in my head.’

Poems from the author’s debut collection Quiet.

Bridge Over the Yallahs River

Diana McCaulay

Winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for the Caribbean region.

Scream Queen

Julia Armfield

‘She is well-behaved, as icons go, she toes the party line.’

Short fiction by the author of Our Wives Under the Sea.

Welcome to the New World

Jessi Jezewska Stevens

New fiction from Jessi Jezewska Stevens. ‘Debt is the molten bedrock upon which all else shifts.’

The Nightwatch

Mary Rokonadravu

Winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for the Pacific region.

Two Poems

Collin Callahan

‘He twists biblical spliffs. / Curtains warble in the television light.’ Two poems by Collin Callahan.

We Had to Remove This Post

Hanna Bervoets

‘A video of someone flinging their cat out the window is only allowed if cruelty is not a motive’. An excerpt from the new novel by Hanna Bervoets.

In Conversation

Mary Jean Chan & Andrew McMillan

The authors of Flèche and physical discuss the state of queer poetry in Britain, how to make poetry alive and what an anthology can mean.

Kafka’s Drawings

Franz Kafka & Andreas Kilcher

Previously unpublished drawings by Franz Kafka, author of The Trial and The Castle.

Two Poems

Beth Bachmann

‘Under the skin, our skeletons / are braided with tendons – roses on an openwork arch’ Two poems by Beth Bachmann

Three Poems

Christopher Soto

‘Instantaneous / Pleasure takes too // Long’

Poetry from Christopher Soto’s collection Diaries of a Terrorist.

Acts of Service

Lillian Fishman

‘I had hundreds of nudes stored in my phone, but I’d never sent them to anyone.’

An excerpt from Lillian Fishman’s new novel.

On Sizewell C

William Atkins

‘Where do we go, as a country, for power?’

William Atkins on the proposed nuclear power station in Suffolk.