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Samanta Schweblin

‘Sometimes she lied. She didn’t do it maliciously; she did it to pass the time.’

On Observation Hill

Francis Spufford

‘Here I stand on Observation Hill. If the Devil made me an offer at this moment, I feel sure I would accept.’

One Hundred Years and a Day

Tomoka Shibasaki

‘After a while people’s faces began to fade, and they came to seem like hoards of noppera-bō, faceless spirits gliding by.’

Two stories by Tomoka Shibasaki.

Our Circle

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

‘I am afraid that my memory is confused about these events, the final events of my life, by which I mean what happened before I started to go blind.’

Our Nicky’s Heart

Graham Swift

‘Frank Randall had three sons: Michael, Eddy and Mark. That was fine by him‘.


Colin Robinson

‘My brother and I can’t help but stand out in such a gritty locale.’

Painter to the King

Amy Sackville

This is an excerpt from Painter to the King, Amy Sackville's account of the life of Diego Velázquez. Now available from Granta Books.

Performance Art

Manjula Padmanabhan

‘A single pod of cardamom! Was that enough? To flavour an entire life’s pot of time?’

Phantom Pain

Lydia Peelle

‘Something’s out there. Something has shown up in the woods of Highland City.’


Suzanne Rivecca

‘They were all perpetually cowed by their own brutality, quivering and defeated by the measures they were forced to enact.’


Graham Swift

‘Sorting out the world! He should have sorted out himself and his own jeopardized household.’

Pobby and Dingan

Ben Rice

“I’m looking for my daughter’s imaginary friends and you’d better bloody well believe it, mate!”


Geeta Tewari

‘I put the breast milk in the fridge and lie down on the bed. I pretend I am dead, underneath the earth with a bag of Cheetos.’