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My Enemy’s Cherry Tree

Wang Ting-Kuo

‘And the truth is, my heart was tied in knots, and pain bored into the marrow of my bones when I heard about his illness.’

My Wife is a White Russian

Rose Tremain

‘I'm in nickel and pig-iron and gold and diamonds. I like the sound of all these words. They have an edge, I think. The glitter of saying them sometimes gives me an erection.’

New World (Part Four)

Jonathan Raban

‘Sleep has disassembled the self: it will take patience to rebuild a person out of the heap of components in the bed.’

New World (Part One)

Jonathan Raban

‘At first sight the ship was bigger than the dock in which it floated, a whale sprawled in a hip-bath‘.

New World (Part Three)

Jonathan Raban

‘To my eyes, airplane always looked impertinently casual on the page; it robbed the amazing machine of its proper mystery.’

New World (Part Two)

Jonathan Raban

‘It was how Europeans had always seen American nature – as shockingly bigger, more colourful, more deadly, more exotic, than anything they’d seen at home.’


Frederic Prokosch

‘Thomas Wolfe's enormous body and low, grumbling voice made the cutlery look like trinkets in a brittle Lilliput.’

Night Thoughts

Helen Simpson

‘Don’t be such a MasculiNazi.’


Yūshō Takiguchi

Jesse Kirkwood’s translation of ‘Nocturne’ by Yūshō Takiguchi is the winner of the 2020 Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize.

Noël, Noël

George Steiner

‘Come Christmas, sounds mix and multiply. And are shot through with smells.’

Normal People

Sally Rooney

‘After the first time they had sex, Marianne stayed the night in his house.’ New fiction from Sally Rooney.


Lauren Schenkman

‘She felt things under the skin: scars where the body had torn during childbirth, clumps of cellulite, lobules and ducts.’

Of Roses and Insects

Chloé Savoie-Bernard

‘The insects dissect the layers of my father’s life, our lives and my mother’s life that have collected in this sad house.’ Translated from the French by Neil Smith.

Oh, the Obvious

Christine Schutt

‘A wizened spring, the sickly prickly pear and organ pipe cacti were so riddled with holes they might have been targets.’