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God is Brazilian

André Barcinski

‘Guys like V seem to be everywhere in Brazil these days: riding in vehicles they can’t afford, buying the latest generation TV sets and smart phones, getting hooked on endless installment plans and the allure of easy credit.’

Pola Oloixarac on Julián Fuks

Julián Fuks & Pola Oloixarac

‘It is a rare pleasure to read Saer’s influence through the Brazilian music of Julián Fuks’ language, with his keen and almost obsessive eye for detail.’

Man Crossing Bridges

Ronaldo Correia de Brito

‘He prefers the battles of the bed, but his wife insists on his keeping to a severe containment.’

Rodrigo Hasbún on Antônio Xerxenesky

Antônio Xerxenesky & Rodrigo Hasbún

‘Seven pages are also enough, the seven that make up this story, to discover Xerxenesky’s extraordinary talent.’

Samba e Choro

Javier Montes

‘I think the cities we remember best are the ones that greet us with the utmost cruelty.’

Howard Goldblatt | Interview

Howard Goldblatt & Sophia Efthimiatou

‘Humour, jokes, puns – those are indeed untranslatable.’

On Waking from a Dream

Stephen Grosz

‘As a psychoanalyst, I feel uncomfortable when I can’t remember a dream.’

Introducing Luisa Geisler

Elvira Navarro

‘To see everything large and to see it all for the first time is what a child’s eyes constantly do.’

Introducing Miguel Del Castillo

Andrés Neuman

‘And questions, more than heroes, are the material from which good stories are made.’

Dreams of a Leisure Society

Adam Foulds

‘They were citizens of a multidimensional universe and they liked to get high.’


Jon McGregor

‘She probably thinks this is all a game. There’s time yet.’

That Year in Rishikesh

Adriana Lisboa

‘The pulp from her processing of the world was a mixture of past, present, dreams, imagination, films, books, newspaper articles, anything.’

Theatre of Fortune

Nikolai Khalezin & Natalia Kaliada

Introduction The Belarus Free Theatre announced itself seven years ago by email. Along with a...

Sugar in the Blood

Andrea Stuart

‘I understood that migration was a kind of death, in which one’s old self must be buried in order for a new self to be born.’

Cofiwch Dryweryn

Jamie McKendrick

‘Remember Tryweryn’ – graffiti near Aberystwyth Soft water from Tryweryn reservoir was at our fingertips...

Some Other Katherine

Sam Byers

‘There were days when it seemed sordid and doomed; days which, oddly, Katherine found more romantic than the days of hope.’

Hands Across the Water

Rachel Seiffert

‘Dark red hair. Wee skirt and trainers, bare arms. All those freckles.’

Vinicius Jatobá and Jethro Soutar | Podcast

Vinicius Jatobá & Jethro Soutar

Vinicius Jatobá and his translator Jethro Soutar discuss the challenges of translating his story ‘Still Life’ the role of China in the story and the intimate bond between author and translator.

Sònia Hernández on Carola Saavedra

Carola Saavedra & Sònia Hernández

‘It’s quite uncommon to find dialogues that engulf you from the first word.’

Introducing Laura Erber

Dara Horn

‘Do yourself a favour: do not read Laura Erber’s ‘That Wind Blowing through the Plaza’ only once.’


Jim Crace

‘Yes, our tomorrows will be shaped like this.’

Toby Litt on Ricardo Lísias

Ricardo Lísias & Toby Litt

‘In every word I saw a true untrue Gogol, and I felt joy.’

Dry Flowers from the Cerrado

Milton Hatoum

‘People say that Brasilia’s new national library opened before it had any books. Is that a metaphor for many politicians’ minds? Or for these times we’re in?’

Introducing J.P. Cuenca

Andrés Felipe Solano

‘From the future, Cuenca narrates Rio’s collapse and the personal fall of the main character. He does it with the elegant distance of a data collector but also with the terrifying certainty of one who knows there’s no going back.’

Javier Montes on Emilio Fraia

Javier Montes

‘Fraia sets himself the most difficult and respectable task a writer can face: unveiling the mystery without revealing the secret.’

House Style: Editing Brazil

Yuka Igarashi

‘We’re freaks . . . Why are we still talking about typos?’

Introducing Daniel Galera

Alejandro Zambra

‘It’s hard to introduce Daniel Galera’s tale without resorting to adjectives that are more likely to arouse distrust than interest.’

Melanie Rae Thon on Vinicius Jatobá

Vinicius Jatobá & Melanie Rae Thon

‘You see that the only thing that seems to move in its atmosphere is dust suspended against a fine thread of sunlight, that time itself sleeps lazily on the stupefied clocks.’

Foreword: The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists

Roberto Feith & Marcelo Ferroni

  This is the first edition of Granta dedicated to Brazilian writing. It is being...


Michel Laub

‘I only stopped playing with him when he began biting the fingers of anyone who tried to pet him.’


Miguel Del Castillo

‘As if they longed to dive in but somehow couldn’t manage to.’

Blazing Sun

Tatiana Salem Levy

‘It’s never easy to trade one love for another.’

Evo Morales

Ricardo Lísias

‘Loneliness also makes our victories melancholy.’

Every Tuesday

Carola Saavedra

‘A stranger may well function as a projection screen.’