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Five Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

‘Although bara is homonymous with rose, this is not a rose-rose incident.’


Rachel Long

‘Behold the miracle of afro hair.’

Three Poems

Shane McCrae

‘I wanted to and then / Remembered why I want to never’

Three Poems

Vivek Narayanan

‘half-sunk / into ground for all those years / of negative subsisten­ce’

Interview with B. Tape II

Rachel Long

‘The contrast! − my angel face / against the camo.’

Children in Tactical Gear

Peter Mishler

‘we watched the last / very colorful weapons / coming ashore’

from the knotweed sonnets

Andrew McMillan

‘sometimes I need / the sound of something pulled up from the roots / and tossed aside’

Already Two

Vladimir Mayakovsky

‘I’m in no hurry; I’ll not storm your dreams’

Two Poems

Valzhyna Mort

‘As a species I’m closest / to a screw / that loosens regularly.’

Three Poems

Elaine Kahn

‘I want to be more / than anything I want’

The Taste of the Feeling

Peter Mishler

‘Shy yet contemptible object / in an unleaking vial collected.’

Three Poems

Vi Khi Nao

‘To unfriend the refrain of sorrow / One must break the ribcage of a city’

Neoterics and the Field
(out of Callimachus)

John Kinsella

‘This oven this earth as dust this water we watch vanish and ancient’

Two Poems

Jennifer L. Knox

‘The Tanners are like mushrooms: born with every molecule / they’ll ever need.’