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The Disappearing Beach

Akash Kapur

Akash Kapur on ecological catastrophe in southern India.

Gadi Taub | Best Untranslated Writers

Etgar Keret

‘At first, I thought the best way to introduce Gadi Taub’s powerful novel would be through its sophisticated and twist-filled plot. But the hard hitting story isn’t half as complex and unique as its protagonists.’

Karl Ove Knausgaard | The Proust Questionnaire

Karl Ove Knausgaard

'What is your most unappealing habit? Maybe all the brain-like chewing gums I leave behind everywhere I work.'

Five Things Right Now: Noelle Kocot

Noelle Kocot

‘This is not only poetic, to think of the Creator as a big bird, but also quite mysterious.’

Interviews of the Boys from the War

Daniel Kon

‘But you had to be on the islands to know what it was really all about.’

Sana Krasikov | Five Things Right Now

Sana Krasikov

‘The world is teeming with demons who are always looking for ways to screw with your good fortune.’

Nicole Krauss In Conversation

Nicole Krauss

‘The ancient stories we tell, as beautiful as they may be, also serve to shape our conventions about who we think we are or should be’

Catherine Lacey | Five Things Right Now

Catherine Lacey

Catherine Lacey shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Five Things Right Now: Dorothea Lasky

Dorothea Lasky

Dorothea Lasky, author of the poetry collection, Rome, shares five links of what she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Victor LaValle reads ‘Long Distance’

Victor LaValle

Victor LaValle reads ‘Long Distance,’ an essay about the ‘most loving relationship’ of his early twenties – conducted solely by telephone – and on having sex in a new body, after losing 155 pounds.

Five Things Right Now: April Ayers Lawson

April Ayers Lawson

She shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Five Things Right Now: Melissa Lee-Houghton

Melissa Lee-Houghton

‘It thrills and delights me that I can now watch concerts I would’ve given several fingers to go to in the ’90s, albeit wonky though these videos are.’

Rewriting the Rules of the Game

Ian Leslie

Ian Leslie on Barack Obama's election in 2008 and forthcoming administration.


Jonathan Levi

‘It’s a miracle that Granta survived our mutual adolescence.’