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Buffalo Soldiers

ZZ Packer

‘No bullet, no recoil, no shot.’

A Religious Conversation

Orhan Pamuk

‘"Hello, sir. Do you recognize me?" "No, I'm afraid I don't."’

The Infamous Bengal Ming

Rajesh Parameswaran

‘Humans are so unpredictable.’


Tim Parks

‘Destiny: there are those who still believe this word has meaning’.

Here We Go

David Peace

‘The finance officers read the answers in silence, then returned them to be burned.’

After the War, Before the War

David Peace

‘At last, at last. His first steps, on Chinese soil.’

Tokyo Year Zero

David Peace

‘The song, the voice, and the heat; men on their knees, heads in hands, sobbing and now howling.’

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Dale Peck

‘Love is like trash: it's not something you hoard, it's merely something you don't waste, like heat, or water, or paper’.

Phantom Pain

Lydia Peelle

‘Something’s out there. Something has shown up in the woods of Highland City.’

Moscow Dynamo

Victor Pelevin

‘That's why they're able to live like normal human beings, he thought, because they never forget about their duty. They don't spend all their time getting pissed like folks here.’

The Boys of Karachay Lake

Angela Pelster

‘When the fish in Karachay Lake, south of the Ural Mountains, Russia, went blind, not everyone stopped eating them.’

Blood Money

Miroslav Penkov

‘At first the Gypsies didn’t know how to answer their cellphone.’

The Emotions are not Skilled Workers

Elliot Perlman

‘He is wrong, though. You didn’t read poetry at all. He had wanted you to read poetry but you didn’t.’

Our Circle

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

‘I am afraid that my memory is confused about these events, the final events of my life, by which I mean what happened before I started to go blind.’

Mother Care

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘After the birth and the overnight in the hospital she didn’t go downstairs for a week.’

Solly and Lark

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘If he got inside me I would never get away.’

Termite’s Birthday, 1959

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘It's like by the time he was born there was too much to know.’

Rayme – A Memoir of the Seventies

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘The waiting surface began to dapple, studded with slivers of rain. Rayme was a white face and shoulders, afloat two hundred yards out.’

Danner, 1965

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘She was sliding down on the seat under him and it was like the soundtrack at the drive-in – a surface closed over her.’

Fast Lanes

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘I was vanished, invisible, another apartment left empty behind me, my possessions given away, thrown away, packed away in taped boxes fit into an available vehicle.’

In Summer Camps

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘The sky burned white to blond to powder to an almighty blue; the sun fell unobstructed.’

Buddy Carmody

Jayne Anne Phillips

‘No one was safe walking to church in the dark, but Buddy knew better than to beg not to go'.

American Subsidiary

William Pierce

‘He was typing up another proposal for robots that would replace human workers in an engine factory.’

The New World Order

Harold Pinter

‘He hasn’t got any idea at all of what we’re going to do to him.’

Valdir Peres, Juanito and Poloskei

Antonio Prata

‘The only path to tread, from now on, was downward.’

The Law of White Spaces

Giorgio Pressburger

‘Fleischmann was sure that his brother was watching him from the coffin.’

The Bridge Over Shuto Expressway No. 1

Alex Preston

‘Hiro Ōe wakes earlier now that he has the apartment to himself.’

The Miraculous Cairn

Christopher Priest

‘The island of Seevl lies like a dark shadow over my memories of childhood.’

A New World

V. S. Pritchett

‘What was this new world? It was their love for each other.’


Frederic Prokosch

‘Thomas Wolfe's enormous body and low, grumbling voice made the cutlery look like trinkets in a brittle Lilliput.’

A Few Words on the Life Cycle of Frogs

Patricio Pron

‘I wasn’t going to abandon the dream of literature, I was going to keep dreaming.’


Lucía Puenzo

‘She would leave everything behind not to lose him.’


Yana Punkina

‘His voice had long since lost all superfluous timbral embellishments, he was left with only the raw thread of screeching.’

Summer Tidings

James Purdy

‘He washed the quivering flesh of the wound in thick yellow soap.’

The Argentine Episcopate

Bernard Quiriny

‘I started working for the Bishop of San Julián in 1939, not long after the death of my husband.’

New World (Part One)

Jonathan Raban

‘At first sight the ship was bigger than the dock in which it floated, a whale sprawled in a hip-bath‘.