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Jon McGregor

‘She probably thinks this is all a game. There’s time yet.’

That Year in Rishikesh

Adriana Lisboa

‘The pulp from her processing of the world was a mixture of past, present, dreams, imagination, films, books, newspaper articles, anything.’


Michel Laub

‘I only stopped playing with him when he began biting the fingers of anyone who tried to pet him.’

Blazing Sun

Tatiana Salem Levy

‘It’s never easy to trade one love for another.’

Evo Morales

Ricardo Lísias

‘Loneliness also makes our victories melancholy.’

Far from Ramiro

Chico Mattoso

‘Through the eyes of the intruder, Ramiro saw the invasion of his own space.’


Etgar Keret

’Thirty years I’m a cabbie,’ the small guy sitting behind the wheel tells me, ’thirty years and not one accident.’

In Transit | New Voices

Dina Nayeri

‘Now it seemed that the rest of life was only a bright, eye-burning white expanse, like the sun-bleached concrete slabs just outside this building.’

Two Girls in a Boat

Emma Martin

‘This was a tiredness that caused Hannah to walk into a travel agent in Clapham High Street on a grey Tuesday morning and buy a ticket to New Zealand.’

The Dolphin Catcher

Diana McCaulay

‘Lloyd heard his grandfather’s voice in his mind: I come from a line of fishermen.’

The Ghost Marriage

Andrea Mullaney

‘I did not meet my husband until six years after he died.’

John Saturnall’s Feast

Lawrence Norfolk

‘After a turn they came to a high arched entrance from which cooking smells drifted.’

The Celt

Mario Vargas Llosa

‘He stood, rubbing his arms. How long had he slept? Not knowing the time was one of the torments of Pentonville.’

The Slight Difference Between Leaving and Running Away

Andrés Neuman

‘Like him, the bathroom mirror had lost brightness over the years.’

Big Blue Bus

Etgar Keret

‘I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to I want to.’

God Bless You, 2011

Hiromi Kawakami

‘Allow me to give you this fish. As a memento of our day together.’

Runs Girl | New Voices

Chinelo Okparanta

‘The year Mama fell sick was the year Njideka confessed to me that she was a runs girl.’


Justin Mundhenk

‘She felt like she was stepping on someone’s knuckles. With each careful step, she heard the sound of breaking bones.’

The Interrogation

Vanessa Manko

‘I am not an anarchist neither am I a communist.’


Chinelo Okparanta

‘It is a reluctant kind of disregard that stems from a feeling of shame.’


David Long

  In his New England town, when Hawkins was a boy, Independence Day was celebrated...

In Sight of the Lake

Alice Munro

‘She liked how the latticework would provide a touch of fantasy.’

In Winter the Sky

Jon McGregor

‘In winter there’s no danger of falling into the sky / Our bodies anchored to the ground by the weight of the light.’

Drifting House

Krys Lee

‘Houses loomed like ghosts. The government’s face was everywhere: on the sides of a beached cart, above the lintel of the post office.’

The Moon and the Batteries

Hiromi Kawakami

‘His full name was Mr Harutsuna Matsumoto, but I called him ‘Sensei’. Not ‘Mr’ or ‘Sir’, just ‘Sensei’.’

Menu: Extinction

Sharona Muir

‘A baked mermaid, prepared, a la Julia Child, with her tail obtruding from her open mouth, and her little fried fingers presented on a mother-of-pearl comb. How would that strike you?’


Bonnie Nadzam

‘A rustling, then a voice, came from behind the door – the voice of a man who couldn’t be much older than I. A cousin? A secret half-brother? ‘Bloodgood.’’

At The Kitchen Table

Peter Orner

‘Your husband dies, you’re a widow. There’s almost joy in it. Why not scream it? Glory.’

The Dune

Stephen King

‘Being able to read obituaries in advance gives a man an extraordinary sense of power.’

Diem Perdidi

Julie Otsuka

‘When you ask her your name, she does not remember what it is.’


Toby Litt

‘I began to think, for no particular reason, about what the exact series of events would be were I to die at that moment – before, even, my coffee went cold.’


Phil Klay

‘Those ripples can tear organs apart.’

Stones and Artichokes

Nicole Krauss

‘As we get older, the world grows to fit our fear of death.’

Laikas I

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

‘Hilary hadn’t wanted to acknowledge A: herself as dog-lady; B: any problems re wolves or whatever.’


Phil Klay

‘A few months later I was strapped up, M4 in condition 1, surrounded by 03s, backpack full of cash, twitchiest guy in Iraq.’

Black Bazaar

Alain Mabanckou

‘Roger The French-Ivorian understood that I didn’t appreciate his tone of voice and ordered two Pelforts to win me back.’