a hyper-dimensional reality bending or changing space-time


‘I have crossed this sub-conjoined vacuum 
with its ominous tenet 
with its emptiness of hydroxyl 
across untraceable radiation 
not of the dissonance of a visible body   sans physiology constricted as barrier sans irradiated happenstance

the Milky Way has summoned me 
in the midst of its 10th volution 
of its 10th centrifugation 
to an obscure spur 
¾’s out from its mean

maybe I could be classified 
as trans-solar in nature 
as inter-cosmic residue 
as circum-planetary crystal 
housed in spurting sapphire amphorae thus
I loom in human vicinity 
not unlike a noiseless solar oak listening to chaos transpiring 


My Angel
Going Diamond