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Rob Magnuson Smith

Rob Magnuson Smith has been awarded the Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize, the David Higham Award and the William Faulkner Gold Medal for his debut novel The Gravedigger. His second novel Scorper was published by Granta. Recently he was longlisted for the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award. ‘Farm Tennis’ is part of an ongoing story cycle set in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Earlier stories in this cycle have appeared in the Greensboro Review, The Clearing, and the Guardian.



Rob Magnuson Smith

Scorper, noun, a tool used to scoop out broad areas when engraving wood or metal.

Scorper, novel, an uncanny and sinister tale of an eccentric American visitor to the small Sussex town of Ditchling, searching for stories about his grandfather. A tale of twitching curtains, severed hands and peculiar sexual practices. A book about Eric Gill’s artistic legacy, his despicable behaviour and enduring influence. Scorper is a strange and beautiful English comic masterpiece, with added bird bones.