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Mike Higgins

Mike Higgins has more than 20 years’ experience editing and writing for news media organisations and publishers such as the Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Lonely Planet and Condé Nast. He lives in south London.

Coming soon - October 2022

Wild Maps

Mike Higgins

Which migrating birds fly the furthest?
Which nations have launched which animals into space?
Which countries’ leaders don’t believe in climate change?
Where were our planet’s now-extinct species last sighted?
Where can you hug the world’s oldest trees?
Where could you find the largest gatherings of cockroaches?

With maps that cover the entire globe, Wild Maps will delight lovers of maps and lovers of nature, as well as anyone with an interest in all that is fascinating and awe-inspiring in the world around us. Beautifully designed and illustrated, Wild Maps is an eye-opening celebration of our planet and the plants and animals with whom we share it.