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Jonny Glynn

Writer-actor Jonny Glynn has written for stage and screen and recently performed in Stratford and the West End as part of the RSC’s year-long complete works of Shakespeare programme. This is his first book and is currently being developed for film.


The Seven Days Of Peter Crumb

Jonny Glynn

‘I am not a good man. I am not a bad man. In seven days I will be dead. My name is Peter Crumb. This is what remains …’ Peter Crumb is a man whose life has been derailed by a single, devastating act of violence in his past. Now, in what he intends to be his last week on Earth, he is determined to leave his mark upon humanity – randomly, unjustly, with infinite attention to detail. And Monday means murder …

Shatteringly well written, this is a car-crash-compelling description of a week in the hell inhabited by one splintered and savage soul – an unrehearsed and unputdownable Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for our times.