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Ben Faccini

Ben Faccini was born in England and brought up in rural France and Italy. He worked for many years at the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris. He is the author of two books, The Water-Breather (Flamingo 2002) and The Incomplete Husband (Portobello 2007). As well as novels, he has written extensively on issues in the developing world, particularly on the subject of street and working children and innovations in education.


The Incomplete Husband

Ben Faccini

When Elena falls in love with Riccardo, she also falls in love with the idea of a world beyond her sheltered life in rural Italy. And when she loses him, she gives up her hopes for the future and her expectations of happiness, filling the sudden void in her life with her son and brother-in-law. It is only when the young Marco rejects the role his mother has created for him and flees to Paris, with its migrant populations, political protests and romantic possibilities, that all three come to realize how tightly they have been bound within a triangle of conspiracy and how much they must risk to break free from the secrets of the past.