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Andrew Mueller

Andrew Mueller was born in Wagga Wagga, Australia in 1968, and has lived in London and hotels since 1990. He currently writes on various subjects for The Independent, Independent On Sunday, Guardian, Monocle, Arena, Uncut, High Life, New Humanist and anyone else who’ll have him. Mueller is also singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist with The Blazing Zoos, widely regarded as one of the three or four dozen very best country & western groups in east London.


I Wouldn't Start From Here

Andrew Mueller

With considerable skill, Mueller skids around the globe from failed state to ravaged war zone to desolate no-man’s-land, from Beirut to Basra via Belfast and Bihac, to try to unpick why we humans seem so prone to plucking war from the jaws of peace, why so much that can go wrong does go wrong, over and over again, and how and why some conflicts suddenly, quietly, inexplicably seem to find themselves solved. It’s a surprisingly sunny book given the mire in which he finds himself. And it is a notably entertaining and eye-opening tour of the world’s moral basements in the vein of Holidays in Hell or Emergency Sex.